3 Reasons to Consider an Acquisition

Jenny Stilwell -

Acquisitions can seem like an exciting strategy to grow your business, offering a fast-track to quick growth and scale. Big companies do acquisitions! The prospect of doing one for your own company can be alluring….. Before you go down this path and spend time and energy focusing on what may not be the right strategy […]

“How to Conduct Good Interviews”
by Jenny Stilwell

How to Conduct Good Interviews

Over my career I have conducted hundreds of interviews.  In the current war for talent you need to make sure you set the stage for your vacancy and ask the right questions.

During an interview everyone is trying to make the best impression and to ensure you don’t waste your time  I’ve put together some key strategies to conduct good interviews.

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Scaling up – know your numbers

Scaling Up - JennyStilwell.com.au

When the time comes to ramp up your business, and invest resources for growth, you really need to know your numbers so you don’t invest in the wrong things. Here is a very simplified summary of the key numbers you need to know: Sales Where are they coming from? Where do you make most of […]

Culture and The Small Business CEO

Small Business CEO and Culture

I personally believe that you cannot change the culture of a business without changing the people. It’s like hitting the ‘refresh’ button. I also know this from personal experience, having had to change the culture of a few organisations along the way, and it can’t be done with a few workshops and bonding weekends. People […]

“Cash is King, But Margin is Queen”
by Jenny Stilwell

Cash is King, But Margin is Queen

It’s easy to get caught up in chasing a sales target and lose sight of what actually makes us profitable! This week let’s look at why Margin is Queen!

3 Things to ‘Be’ When Marketing in a ‘Distracted’ World

3 Things to ‘Be’ When Marketing in a ‘Distracted’ World Jenny Stilwell

Getting through to your target market with online and offline marketing messages is increasingly harder to do. In my book, ‘Small Business CEO’, I take you through the key marketing strategies to focus on when your business is in Foundation Stage. This includes getting your value proposition right, and your core messages, and creating a […]

“3 Strategies For Managing Your Direct Reports”
by Jenny Stilwell

3 Strategies For Managing Your Direct Reports

Following on from my blog post last week about KPIs, this week I look at how to manage your direct reports. Your staff are your biggest asset and you owe to to your business AND THEM to manage them correctly.

How-To: Setting KPIs for Your Team and Your Company

Setting KPIs

Most people who run a business or part of a large company struggle when it comes to setting KPIs –  Key Performance Indicators. Here are three steps for setting KPIs for your team: Ask what the person is responsible for and what you want them to focus on. Check their position description and adjust if […]