“Gaining a Competitive Edge”
by Jenny Stilwell

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Staying relevant and competitive is always hard work, but this week Jenny gives you 5 quick and easy ways to innovate and get ahead. Best of all, they’ll only cost you a cup of coffee!

“Best strategy for coping when your business becomes more complex”
by Jenny Stilwell

Best strategy for coping when your business becomes more complex

It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with everything you have to do in your business and forget to do some things, like add terms and conditions to your proposals, or forget to cost out something important that you haven’t allowed for in the price. You may also forget to check things or you may double up with some of your team. Bigger business may have double-up and gaps going on all over the place and not even realise.

The best way to address this is to map out the key steps in your business so everyone knows what to do, how to do it, and who else does the other bits! This is what I call The Gating Process™ and it will do wonders for you and your business. Every small business CEO needs to know this strategy…

“Win-Win or Not?”
by Jenny Stilwell

Win-Win or Not?

A client of mine once had a client who wrote emails that could be described as thinly disguised blackmail and threats, offered cash in exchange for big discounts (which she declined), tried to go directly to her contractors, and made all manner of false accusations about what had gone wrong. Whilst maintaining email audit trails are essential lifelines in these situations, and standing up to these people removes their power, the stress of dealing with them can be immense.
Better to see the warning signs and steer clear.

“3 Things to Test with New Products & Services”
by Jenny Stilwell

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3 Things to Test with New Products & Services

Creating and launching a new product or service will have a far greater chance of success if you do some market testing beforehand. It doesn’t need to be time consuming or costly or overly complex, but some simple strategies to test before going live or full-scale will be better for your business.


“How to Conduct Good Interviews”
by Jenny Stilwell

How to Conduct Good Interviews

Over my career I have conducted hundreds of interviews.  In the current war for talent you need to make sure you set the stage for your vacancy and ask the right questions.

During an interview everyone is trying to make the best impression and to ensure you don’t waste your time  I’ve put together some key strategies to conduct good interviews.

I refer to the ebook – How to Conduct Effective Interviews – Get your copy NOW

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“Cash is King, But Margin is Queen”
by Jenny Stilwell

Cash is King, But Margin is Queen

It’s easy to get caught up in chasing a sales target and lose sight of what actually makes us profitable! This week let’s look at why Margin is Queen!

“3 Strategies For Managing Your Direct Reports”
by Jenny Stilwell

3 Strategies For Managing Your Direct Reports

Following on from my blog post last week about KPIs, this week I look at how to manage your direct reports. Your staff are your biggest asset and you owe to to your business AND THEM to manage them correctly.

“CEO vs Business Owner – which one are you?”
by Jenny Stilwell

CEO vs Business Owner – which one are you?

In our first episode I will take you through the two most important reasons why you must make the shift from business owner to CEO, and how it will impact your business and your team, and ultimately you.