Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf -Success Through a Positive Mental Attifude

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (Angus & Robertson, 1960)

If you have read and value the concepts in ‘Think and Grow Rich’, I recommend you read this as well. My copy is falling apart, literally, as it is an original copy that belonged to my Dad, and now I’ve scribbled notes all the way through it.
If you can let the 1950s/1960 style of words and stories wash over you and focus on the core concepts, I’m sure you’ll find this a worthwhile addition to you library!

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf -Think Bits

Think Bits (2006)

A friend gave me this book and it’s designed to be read – by picking pages at random. The title is perfect because you do get little bits that help you think more creatively, think outside the square, think differently. For anyone in business, it’s an invaluable tool to keep the creative juices flowing to help with presentations, finding new perspectives and to keep your thinking fresh.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - You Don't have to be Born Brilliant

You Don’t Have To Be Born Brilliant (Hodder)

Easy to read book full of success principles from someone who lives by them and gets the results. If this genre appeals to you then the book will too. What’s interesting is how John makes them work for him.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - Leadership 101

Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

This is a great little pocket book of leadership 101 principles. I highly recommend all business owners who have a team of people to lead, to read it. It will help you as a leader and it’s also good for your business.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - No-BS

No B.S Business Success (Entrepreneur Press)

Dan Kennedy’s books are full of practical advice based on Dan’s real experiences in business. He has been bankrupt and whilst he could easily be described as a ‘grumpy old man’ he is very successful, very erudite and a master marketer.
My copy of this book has post it notes sticking out all over the place and I use it as one of my regular reference books. He has written many books (under his ‘No B.S. brand) but just start with this one.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf -Winning

Winning (Harper Collins)

Jack Welch was named best CEO of the 20th century. I highly recommend this book for every CEO – no matter how small or large your company is.
His strategies for entering and owning markets, planning his succession, inspiring and managing, making tough decisions and generally being a very strategic CEO – lessons in there for everyone.
This is one of my highly recommended titles.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got by JayAbraham

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got (Piatkus, 2000)

This was written back in the day when we weren’t connected via digital media 24/7. But it’s full of innovative and practical marketing and sales strategies.

Losing My Virginity (Random House, 1998)

This is a brilliant read.
Could be a wild novel but it’s an autobiography. The story is captivating and the business lessons are very real.
Most entrepreneurs are a fan of Richard Branson. If you are, you must read this book.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf -unique ability

Unique Ability (The Strategic Coach, 2003)

This book is based on Dan Sullivan’s concept of Unique Ability. We all have abilities that are unique to us, and if we focus on those and let others do what is their unique ability, we can build powerful companies and fulfilling lives. I urge you to get this book if you don’t already know what is your unique ability.