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No B.S Business Success (Entrepreneur Press)

Dan Kennedy’s books are full of practical advice based on Dan’s real experiences in business. He has been bankrupt and whilst he could easily be described as a ‘grumpy old man’ he is very successful, very erudite and a master marketer.
My copy of this book has post it notes sticking out all over the place and I use it as one of my regular reference books. He has written many books (under his ‘No B.S. brand) but just start with this one.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf -Winning

Winning (Harper Collins)

Jack Welch was named best CEO of the 20th century. I highly recommend this book for every CEO – no matter how small or large your company is.
His strategies for entering and owning markets, planning his succession, inspiring and managing, making tough decisions and generally being a very strategic CEO – lessons in there for everyone.
This is one of my highly recommended titles.

Start Creating Your Strategic Growth Blueprint

Tree Growing

The important decisions, the decisions that really matter, are strategic. They involve either finding out what the situation is, or changing it, either finding out what the resources are or what they should be. Among these are all decisions on business objectives and on the means to reach them. Peter Drucker, “The Practice of Management […]

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got by JayAbraham

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got (Piatkus, 2000)

This was written back in the day when we weren’t connected via digital media 24/7. But it’s full of innovative and practical marketing and sales strategies.

3 Reasons You Need Tiers To Grow Your Business


Client tiers are important! Not just for small businesses but also for large companies, but many times people forget about tiers. It’s a great tool to keep you focused. For this article, I’ll use a hypothetical one or two partner suburban accounting practice with 600 clients as an example. Let’s assume that there’s likely to […]

Step-by-Step Product Launch Checklist

Launch button

This is by no means comprehensive, but it is a very simple checklist to use when launching a new product or service into your existing customer market, or a new market. 1. Conduct market research a. Analyse information objectively (for what it is, not what you want it to be) b. Identify and profile target […]

7 Strategic Planning Essentials

No planning process is failsafe or perfect, and the very nature of planning for the future means we have to be flexible. However, these seven considerations are essential to your strategic planning process: 1.       You must be totally involved in the process. This may sound ridiculous, but I’ve had the misfortune to run two strategic […]

Power Up Your Productivity Using This System

Managing your time is all about managing, and focusing on, your priorities. I personally have never found time management courses very useful, as they are a little too prescriptive. As with everything, if it isn’t easy to do, we won’t do it! The system I use for managing my priorities and getting more done is […]

Strategies for Building Your Business

How do you know which strategy will grow your business most effectively in the short and long term? Market penetration, market extension, product development or diversification are the primary strategies for building your business. You can also grow organically (growth in your own business) or by acquisition (of another business). This article summarises what these […]

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy (Harvard Business School Press, 2005)

I love a good strategy and I love this book! The way that “blue ocean” thinking pulls apart industries and companies to create new models that have little competition, is compelling. I highly recommend it as a as a catalyst for new  thinking about your company’s position in the market.