The 3 Things every VC wants to see in your Pitch Deck 

VCs, love them or loathe them, can be the turning point for your business. So whether you are debating a spot on Planet of the Apps or your local VC’s version of Shark Tank you need to tick these 3 boxes! Being ‘investment’ ready is being able to demonstrate the value drivers in your business […]

7 Insights you absolutely must have before you start a business

Top 7 things to know before you start a business -

I absolutely love that virtually everyone I meet is an entrepreneur, and although that probably says a lot about the company I keep – it is exciting to see people following their passions and start a business. So if you’re thinking of making the leap here are my top 7 things you absolutely should know! […]

The 10 things every small business CEO needs to know

10 things to know

These 10 insights come from a long career in advising small business CEOs and running companies as CEO myself. They are not platitudes merely crafted for this article. This list is real advice that you need to follow in order to grow a successful business and to help you through the storms which you will […]

What sort of meetings work best for your business?

There is nothing worse than the meeting that drags on aimlessly without apparent purpose, and without any outcome. Having our time hijacked by inefficient meetings should never happen. The only reasons we should have structured meetings as opposed to ad hoc discussions and catch ups on the fly are: We need to work through something […]

3 Reasons to Consider an Acquisition

Jenny Stilwell -

Acquisitions can seem like an exciting strategy to grow your business, offering a fast-track to quick growth and scale. Big companies do acquisitions! The prospect of doing one for your own company can be alluring….. Before you go down this path and spend time and energy focusing on what may not be the right strategy […]

Scaling up – know your numbers

Scaling Up -

When the time comes to ramp up your business, and invest resources for growth, you really need to know your numbers so you don’t invest in the wrong things. Here is a very simplified summary of the key numbers you need to know: Sales Where are they coming from? Where do you make most of […]

Culture and The Small Business CEO

Small Business CEO and Culture

I personally believe that you cannot change the culture of a business without changing the people. It’s like hitting the ‘refresh’ button. I also know this from personal experience, having had to change the culture of a few organisations along the way, and it can’t be done with a few workshops and bonding weekends. People […]

Managing by Dashboard – Make it Easy 

Managing by Dashboard - Make it Easy

It can be really time consuming, when you want to track how your business is performing across multiple departments or product lines, or other variables, when you don’t have that information at hand. You have to find it, maybe pull out a comparison of last year’s figures, and then wade through it all.  That’s why […]

3 Ways to Have Others Bring Innovation into Your Company

3 Ways to Have Others Bring Innovation into Your Company - Jenny Stilwell

If you want to learn more about what sort of innovation you could be developing in your company but don’t really know where to start, I highly recommend the following: Ask your key suppliers to come in and brief you on trends and innovation in their industry. When I ran a contract manufacturer of bath […]