Checklist for Creating Winning Proposals

Preparation 1. Do you have enough information on the client’s company to understand their business and the context of their inquiry/request/approach to you? 2. Have you identified the stakeholders? 3. Do you understand what each of the stakeholders really wants? 4. Have you assessed the business requirements, and the individual requirements, of your clients? 5. […]

4 Steps to Ramp Up Your Marketing

Always a good strategy in any market, but especially in a slower one, we’re going to focus the sixth article in the ‘Riding the Recession’ series on ramping up your marketing. Here are 4 simple steps to follow so you can put in place a good plan of action for a marketing program for your […]

Stay Relevant – Adapt & Reinvent Your Offer

This is step 3 in the Riding the Recession series of articles. Staying relevant and reinventing your offer is something that should happen on an ongoing basis in any market, as being complacent is a cardinal sin in business! So, it’s time to get out your wand and weave some magic! I established a marketing […]

7 Ways to market Your Business Online

Once you’ve done all the groundwork to put your marketing foundations in place, and are very clear on your direction and desired outcomes, it’s time to select from a menu of options and put together a 12 month marketing program that will work best for you. In this article, I’ll cover 7 of those options […]

5 Planning Essentials for Overhauling Your Website

I’ve been down this path before. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a brand new website developed. However, last time I did it no-one was using video, blogs were very rare, we weren’t using autoresponders, people didn’t have to opt in to get on your list (you could actually put them on), and we […]

3 of the Best Offline Business Development Strategies

There are multitudes of marketing strategies, both online like the ones I’ve profiled in the last two issues, and offline. The best and most effective strategies, which you have the most control over, are those that target your ideal clients directly. Think of these two scenarios: Scenario 1: You purchase a list of 1,000 contacts […]

Start Building Your Brand

Your brand is not just your company name or logo. I’m sure you know this, but, what our clients and customers experience of our business and service is the reality of our brand to them. Here is a quick list of ‘touch points’, which I actually refer to as unique experience contact points where the […]