Strategies for Building Your Business

How do you know which strategy will grow your business most effectively in the short and long term? Market penetration, market extension, product development or diversification are the primary strategies for building your business. You can also grow organically (growth in your own business) or by acquisition (of another business). This article summarises what these […]

Foundations for Business Growth – A Quick Reference Guide

Set Goals Develop Business Growth Strategy Align & Mentor People Execute Plan Review Performance The strategic planning process is not simple. It involves understanding your market, you competitors, your clients, the motivations and drivers of the people on your team, your own drivers and needs, what is working and what isn’t, where the core competencies […]

Cull Your Client Base In Order To Grow

‘More is not always more’ This may sound a bit harsh, but it’s not about the client as a person, it’s about their value to your business. Just as you grow your business, you need to work with clients who are also in growth mode, or who have the potential to do so. In the […]

6 Marketing ‘Focus Questions’

Now that we’ve headed into a new financial year, most of you would either have completed or are in the process of working on your growth strategies and targets for the next 12 months. Here are some questions designed to focus your marketing activities and identify where your priorities are. If you can answer them […]

Checklist for Creating Winning Proposals

Preparation 1. Do you have enough information on the client’s company to understand their business and the context of their inquiry/request/approach to you? 2. Have you identified the stakeholders? 3. Do you understand what each of the stakeholders really wants? 4. Have you assessed the business requirements, and the individual requirements, of your clients? 5. […]

4 Steps to Ramp Up Your Marketing

Always a good strategy in any market, but especially in a slower one, we’re going to focus the sixth article in the ‘Riding the Recession’ series on ramping up your marketing. Here are 4 simple steps to follow so you can put in place a good plan of action for a marketing program for your […]

Stay Relevant – Adapt & Reinvent Your Offer

This is step 3 in the Riding the Recession series of articles. Staying relevant and reinventing your offer is something that should happen on an ongoing basis in any market, as being complacent is a cardinal sin in business! So, it’s time to get out your wand and weave some magic! I established a marketing […]