Do you have the right culture ‘on the bus’?

Do you have the right culture on the bus - -

Culture is an integral part of any company’s success. This applies equally to small and medium sized companies, as corporate organisations. An interesting indicator of culture is to ask each member of your team the following question, and if they aren’t familiar with cars then use animals instead: “If our company were a car / […]

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - Leadership 101

Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

This is a great little pocket book of leadership 101 principles. I highly recommend all business owners who have a team of people to lead, to read it. It will help you as a leader and it’s also good for your business.

Are you emotional enough about your goals? - Get Emotional About your Goals

Year after year many of us set goals that we fail to achieve. I believe there are a few reasons for that: We don’t believe we can really achieve them, We have no idea – really – how to make them happen, We’re not really motivated to do the work to make them happen. Goal […]

How to attract the staff you need - Staff Attraction

Just because you select an ideal recruit for your business, doesn’t mean they will automatically want to work for you. Why not? Many businesses overlook the fact that they have to sell their offer and make it an attractive option for prospective new employees. If you operate in a competitive environment where good recruits are […]

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf -unique ability

Unique Ability (The Strategic Coach, 2003)

This book is based on Dan Sullivan’s concept of Unique Ability. We all have abilities that are unique to us, and if we focus on those and let others do what is their unique ability, we can build powerful companies and fulfilling lives. I urge you to get this book if you don’t already know what is your unique ability.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

The 4-Hour Work Week (Vermilion, 2007)

I know the whole world has read this book but I’ve been using virtual resources from around the world ever since I read it, easily, conveniently inexpensively, and for all sorts of different projects.
If you’re one of the few people in the world who hasn’t yet read it, get with the program and buy a copy. A book summary has also just been released.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - Awaken The Giant by Tony Robbins

Awaken the Giant Within (1992)

This book is brilliant. I first read it in 1993, just after it was published, when I had started my very first business. 
Tony Robbins really is a master at understanding and teaching how our neural conditioning works and how it impacts the lives we come to lead and how we live them.
I still use this as a reference book on a regular basis. If you think this sounds interesting then please go and buy a copy and read it.

Jenny Stilwell Bookshelf - The Art of Possibility

The Art of Possibility (Penguin Books, 2000)

This book gives us a new framework for thinking about what’s possible, and delivers it in a really compelling way through case studies and memorable stories.
The Zanders have joined forces from completely different professional perspectives to develop their framework and take it to the world. Highly recommend this.

Design a business model that ‘works’ for you

There are pros & cons for each type of business model. The following summarises the most common models and options for service firms: 1. Sole trader – you do it all. No overheads, no accountability, but no security and no life. This model creates a job, not a business. This is good for people who […]