Here’s Why You Should be Using Tiers in Your Business

What client sales revenue will tell you about your business

Client tiers are important! They put your day to day operations into perspective and allow you to really focus on what you should be doing! Let’s assume you have 4 Value tiers for your clients and they are Tier 4: 60% of clients contributing less than $1000 a year to the practice – 360 clients […]

3 Ways to Have Others Bring Innovation into Your Company

3 Ways to Have Others Bring Innovation into Your Company - Jenny Stilwell

If you want to learn more about what sort of innovation you could be developing in your company but don’t really know where to start, I highly recommend the following: Ask your key suppliers to come in and brief you on trends and innovation in their industry. When I ran a contract manufacturer of bath […]

Strategy and Risk – Two Sides of the Same Coin

Strategy and Risk – Two Sides of the Same Coin

At Board level, risk is a key topic. The Board sets the risk appetite for the company, deciding what levels of risk the company will tolerate, as well as defines a policy for risk identification and management. It’s up to the CEO and executive to manage risk. I think it’s fair to say, certainly from […]

Dream, Believe, Create – Make Your Goals Come Alive This Year

Dream Believe Create -

Step 1: Dream Think about what you really want – this is the key. Most of the time we set goals based on what we can do or should do. If this year is going to be different and better, stretch your thinking to what you really would like to have happen. For example, if […]

5 Vital Ingredients for Good Strategy

Lots of business owners don’t have a strategy or even a plan. They tend to react more than think ahead and many are so bogged down in day to day operations that strategy is an afterthought. I do think it’s fair to say that most business owners have an idea of the direction they’re heading, […]

TEC’s CEO Report on Opportunities Over Next 5 Years

The Executive Connection (TEC – a networking organisation for CEOs) recently produced the result of their research with 700 CEOs from Australian and NZ. They produced the findings that the top four ways that CEOs agreed would unlock potential new business opportunities over the next five years to 2020 are: Disruption Leadership China Selling These […]

Resist Temptation When Hiring Becomes Urgent

Resist Temptation When Hiring Becomes Urgent

Let’s imagine, just for a moment, that you desperately need to find someone to help take the load off you, or some of your team. This may be because you’ve lost one or two people from your business, or you’re growing and just have too many things on the go. You decide beforehand what sort […]

Signs your strategy may need a makeover

Strategy - Signs your strategy may need a makeover -

Some companies ignore strategy as part of their business practice, and prefer to just roll on and respond to opportunities as they occur. That’s one approach. However, I believe that even if opportunities arise that we didn’t foresee, a strategy will help us decide which of those to pursue and which to leave. You really […]