3 Ideas to Generate Sales Now

These ideas are a little different, but I know they work. Give them a try and see what results you can generate for your business:

Idea # 1 – Create a Catalogue & Send it to Your List

I always associate catalogues with products, but not so. It actually reminds me that I should implement this strategy again!

As service providers, this is very difficult to do unless you consistently convert your capabilities into specific ‘products’ rather than generic services like ‘change management consulting’.

Once you’ve developed your product range, put it into a catalogue, with a name, a description of that product, who could benefit most from it, and a standard or special price/fee.

You can group your service into categories, such as Training, Consulting, Coaching etc.

When I last implemented this idea a few years ago I received 3 outcomes:

1. It made my clients aware of the full range of products and services I could provide to them. Not all your clients are always aware of all your offerings.

2. The way in which it was presented and the concept itself, impressed my clients. It enhanced my credibility because it showcased my marketing skills in that the idea was novel, the presentation was very professional, and the range of products and services was very relevant to my clients.

3. It acted as a prompt to any clients considering my help, or in struggling with a challenge in their business.

4. The catalogue generated $12,000 in sales almost immediately.

Give it a try!

Idea # 2 – Reproduce What You May Have Done For Only One Client

This is called leverage. Use what you’ve already done to produce more results.

Review your client list and sales figures, and identify any projects or products/services you’ve delivered to a specific client only.

Repackage this and offer it to all of your other clients who could benefit from it.

I always do this as a matter of course. All my clients have similar sized businesses and many challenges that are also very similar, so what I do to benefit one, could easily be applied to others as well.

Think of a time when you’ve said ‘yes’ to a new assignment, without really knowing how to do it! I firmly believe that we do that because innately we know that we have all the resources and capabilities we need.

Take any of those projects or workshops or assignments and chunk it up to create a generic version that all of your other clients could use. Make sure you have a good value proposition though – the ‘What’s In It for Me’ for your other clients.

If there’s something you’ve done for one client, always ask yourself if you could repackage it slightly and offer the same benefits to others.

Idea # 3 – Ask Client’s Team Members for Referrals & Introductions

If you are working with a team of people, a department, a group within a large company, your primary contact may be the head of that group or the overall decision maker or business owner.

But, everyone that you come in contact with or are engaging directly with on a project, for example, is a potential source for a lead or a referral. As long as you have a good relationship and can get to know each other throughout the period in which you do business with their company, this strategy can work really well. It can substantially increase the number of introductions or referrals that you may otherwise receive from the decision maker alone.

Everyone has friends, ex colleagues, partners and other contacts who work in or supply to the very target market you want to attract. If you want to get really specific about who can help you, check out Linked In for corporate and other business contacts that the people in your client’s team may be connected to. (I don’t think Facebook is as structured for this type of specific business connection. But, if that’s where your contacts are, use that too.)

On many occasions, I’ve received introductions by way of referral to new potential clients, not from the decision-maker within my client’s business, but from one of the team members.

This strategy can be very powerful – it’s worked well for me.

Give it a try as well!

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