5 Planning Essentials for Overhauling Your Website

I’ve been down this path before. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a brand new website developed.

However, last time I did it no-one was using video, blogs were very rare, we weren’t using autoresponders, people didn’t have to opt in to get on your list (you could actually put them on), and we didn’t have a back end full of automated messages, downloads and a network of links throughout the site. And, I didn’t have hundreds of pages to review and make decisions about….

So, as my highly valued clients and subscribers, I would like to share with you the most important things that I think may help you plan for a similar exercise with your site when the time comes:

1. Double your timeline.
If you think it will take a week it will take two; one month becomes two months and so on. You know what I mean. This is critical because many things often hang off the back of a new website, like launching new packages and programs and resources…. It’s like a domino effect all kicking off when the website goes live, so be realistic with your timeline. I knew this, and still I didn’t get it right!

2. Be very clear on content first…
I will confess – for your benefit – that I had to go into the studio to re-record some videos because I was trying to do too many things at once and get it all done. Content changed slightly so web pages needed to be tweaked, videos needed to be recorded in full again, and when you have a lot to do, sometimes it gets hard to keep track of which version you’re up to. (I could cry as I write these words….)

3. Remember the back end
It’s all well and good to have your sales pages written, but don’t forget the links, and then the autoresponder messages after people buy…. Don’t leave clients dangling because you’ve forgotten the back end.

4. Test everything
Remember what Dan Kennedy says: “Inspect what you expect”. If you expect something to work a certain way, then test it to make sure it does.

5. Let a friend loose on it
Guaranteed they will pick up what you don’t in the ‘inspection’ stage. You can count on it. I recommend doing this before you go live…..

I’ll admit that I always remember point 4, but it’s points 1, 2 and 3 that trip me up every time, and if you haven’t got 2 and 3 right, you won’t be ‘inspecting’ and testing everything because some things will be forgotten.