6 Marketing ‘Focus Questions’

Now that we’ve headed into a new financial year, most of you would either have completed or are in the process of working on your growth strategies and targets for the next 12 months.

Here are some questions designed to focus your marketing activities and identify where your priorities are. If you can answer them you’re doing well, if not, you instantly know where to focus some more strategic attention.

1. This year, where will most of your growth come from?

2. What is the broad focus for your marketing strategies this year? (eg: rapid growth, consolidation, expansion into new segments/markets, product/service development, creation of a business partner network, etc)

3. What decisions do you need to make about retaining or divesting any of your clients?

4. What decisions do you need to make about retaining or withdrawing any of your products/services?

5. What do you need to do differently to move forward differently (faster, more efficiently, into new markets etc)

6. Are you going to approach growth with a ‘big’ mindset and do something really innovative this year, or will your approach be more of the same formula?