7 Ways to market Your Business Online

Once you’ve done all the groundwork to put your marketing foundations in place, and are very clear on your direction and desired outcomes, it’s time to select from a menu of options and put together a 12 month marketing program that will work best for you.
In this article, I’ll cover 7 of those options to market your business online.

Social Media (Zero cost)
This includes the most commonly used sites for business promotion: Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and your blog.

Ask an expert or your techie VA to set it up so that all you need to do is send a message from one of these platforms, and it will automatically update your profile on all sites.

I personally think Twitter is the biggest waste of time this century, but I do have to say that when I regularly tweet, it does drive traffic to my site. That’s the objective.

Final point: have a series of messages lined up and ready to send at regular intervals. Make them business related and interesting. Offer tips and useful information, provide links to others’ sites that are of interest, provide links to your own site and offer some value, invite people to attend an event or sign up for something that offers real value, and ask questions to interact on a different level with your followers.

Your marketing program cannot exclude social media so get with the program!

Electronic Newsletter (Zero cost)

Like this one. If you don’t have one, have someone create it for you and send it regularly on your behalf. I use this newsletter as well as Bossmentor® Renaissance Magazine, delivered online, to stay in touch and attract subscribers.

Write for your subscribers and give them tips and ideas that are relevant to what they need and want. Build relationships through your newsletter and let people get to know you as well.

Everyone can choose not to open it, but those who do on a regular basis are your real followers.

Podcasts (Zero cost)

Give interviews online. There are many radio on demand shows online that will help raise your profile if you provide content frequently. It’s just like ‘regular’ radio, but you listen via your browser not your radio. The ‘regular’ radio stations of course provide online streaming of their programs, but I’m referring to radio that only exists online. Of course, you have to make sure that it matches your target market, as with any marketing activity. Have a look at www.venturevoice.com to get some ideas. There are lots of sites, many associated with networking or membership groups, but they just take a while to find.

Online Article Marketing (Zero cost)

This is the practice of repurposing your articles. Write one for your newsletter, then send it out to sites that act as libraries of millions of articles online. The very best is www.ezinearticles.com . According to the current stats, this site receives about 2.89 million global unique visitors daily. That’s a big audience! Send your articles there (or preferably have someone do it for you) and you’re bound to see traffic referred to your website as a result.

You have to be vetted when you first join, to make sure that you can write and that you can provide some interesting and valuable content. It’s a great reference site for those searching for answers and info! Remember to allow people to re-use your article as long as they include your copyright statement in the footer, ensuring that you are referenced as the owner and creator of the article.

Advertising on Others’ Websites & Ezines (Starts with zero cost, then goes upwards from there!)

You may venture into this gently by advertising or promoting your products and services on a friend’s or colleague’s site. Test it out and see how it works.

You may advertise in someone’s newsletter (like this one) for a relatively low fee (if those newsletters allow advertising), and this is a good strategy if the newsletter goes out to a large list, and if that subscriber base is your target market.

You may receive a newsletter that you’d like to advertise in, or you may search. I recommend using www.directoryofezines.com as it lists just about every ezine on earth!

You can search for ezines by many different criteria including content, list size, target market etc. It’s a really great resource.

Online PR (Zero cost)

Use online sites to issue press releases globally. I recommend these sites in particular: www.prweb.com and www.prlog.org which can also narrow down the release to Australia and by state. These sites are subscribed to by thousands of journalists, and have vast distribution. They are indexed by the search engines and are potentially a very good source of generating traffic to your site.

Teleseminars (Zero cost)

Build traffic through running teleseminars and promoting them in all of the above places! We will start doing this very soon to add value to our existing subscribers as well as attract new subscribers. The value is in the message that you deliver through the teleseminars, as well as the opportunity to make special offers for your listeners to sign up for at the end of the teleseminars.

You may run them yourself, like we do for our Bossmentor® Club members, or you may be a guest on someone else’s teleseminars which gives their list an opportunity to get to know you, and visit your site.

You can also promote your teleseminars on www.seminarannouncer.com !

When you use these strategies in a coordinated way, reinforcing key messages and delivering consistent value, they will increase the traffic to your site, raise your profile and attract new subscribers.

Next issue I’ll deliver more strategies for marketing your business online. I hope these seven get you started, or give you some new ideas to your existing program!

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