When you face challenges in your business, whatever they may be and however serious they may be, you need a strategy.

You don’t have the option of not doing anything because your challenges will become more intense if not addressed. At the very least, your challenges won’t go away by themselves. Worst case, you may be putting the viability of your company at risk.

Start to put some strategies in place to move your business forward with clarity and certainty.
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I know from having been in your position that you want clear strategies that help you get clarity about what’s really going on in your business, and clarity about the direction to take it.

My purpose is to help entrepreneurs solve business problems that get in the way of them having a better business, better life and a bigger future. I truly believe the sole purpose of having your own business is to create a better life for yourself and the people you love.

My services are specifically for you, with a focus on Business Growth Strategies, Management, Marketing Strategies, and CEO Thinking to help shift you from the day to day to the bigger picture

If you’re ready to jump to the next level, I’d like to help you with proven strategies that will reignite your passion for business.

My Background

Having been the CEO of companies owned by other people, as well as my own companies, I know from experience how important it is to take a strategic (as opposed to ad hoc) approach to growth. I also know that as companies grow so does the complexity inside them, which can take your focus away from growth and strategy and tether you in day to day problem solving.

At one point in my career I took the helm as CEO of a public company which had grown in an ad hoc way into a business with very little structure.

I inherited eighteen direct reports across three countries with multiple offices and over one hundred staff. Not very big, but large enough for the company’s operations to have become very complex, and there were challenges with product quality, or customers or service delivery that I had to deal with almost every day.

It was exhausting, frustrating and very unfulfilling – and it consumed my entire life, literally. Long days, late nights, lots of travel and weekend meetings.

The founders were completely against me changing anything to do with people or structure.

Once they were bought out of the company, it left me free to do what had to be done. My priority was to put the right structure and the right people in place to reduce the operational load on me, develop strategies to make the company operate more efficiently again, prepare for a new stage of growth and assemble a capable team to execute and deliver.

The achievements I was able to make with my team in turning around the business resulted in being promoted from CEO to Managing Director by the Board. Business was better, I was less stressed and life was definitely better.

The key to controlling your business rather than it controlling you is the right strategy, the right structure and the right people in the right roles.

I truly believe that the sole purpose of building a business needs to be a better life in all ways for yourself and the people you love, as well as the clients you serve. My goal is simply to help business owners feeling under pressure, to create better strategies that will put you back in control of your business growth with less stress and better results.

I know all these strategies and steps work because I’ve used them all as CEO of different companies facing multiple challenges over the years. I’ve used them to help my clients. I’ve taught these strategies. They work.

My Contact Information

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