CLIENT: FMCG brand company

CHALLENGE: Business Rebuilding – after 30% drop in revenue

My client is a multi-million-dollar business and had lost a major customer and 30% of their revenue. They wanted to rebuild this lost ground.

I conducted a strategic review of the business, identified the primary opportunities for growth, and provided a clear strategic roadmap for the way forward. This was difficult for my client to do at the time, because they were too close to the situation and scrambling for growth. They struggled to have an objective approach to solving the problem.

OUTCOME: In 2 years this lost ground was regained, and my client has experienced close to 100% growth in that time.

CLIENT: Bath & Body Brands Developer

CHALLENGE: Grow business in order to sell & exit

The company wanted to sell in order to divest his business partner. He needed to build the business in order to achieve a sale value that would be acceptable to both him and his partner.

OUTCOME: I worked with this client in an advisory capacity conducting annual strategic retreats, quarterly reviews, process and structure improvements, team mentoring and CEO support. The business was successfully sold for a 7M sale price, enabling the owner to start a new company independently.

CLIENT: A major telecommunications provider

CHALLENGE: How to generate more sales revenue using customer data held across multiple systems

The client was conducting an organisation-wide review of all their numerous customer databases held on different systems across the organisation, and this project was aimed at identifying how they could be used more effectively to increase revenue.

The focus of my component of the project was to review all marketing information systems across the organisation, with a focus on accessibility of relevant data for input to business planning and decision making.

OUTCOME: Potential incremental revenue increases of $300M identified, through more customer focused use of customer data from all systems.

CLIENT: Market research company

CHALLENGE: Growth Strategy – refocusing after $2.5M lost opportunities

This client had lost $2.5M in new business opportunities over the previous year. This needed to be addressed, as did the company’s growth strategy and priorities. Their key challenge was that the company had no strategic direction, was unclear on its ideal target market or which kind of projects delivered the highest margins, and had no parameters with which to assess new opportunities.

We developed a strategic plan with clear goals for all areas of the business – financial, operational, client management, sales and people.

OUTCOME: As a result of this strategic planning process, the Managing Director had a Strategic Decision-Making Framework specific to their business. This tool enabled him to keep the business on track by confidently making the best strategic decisions around new growth opportunities as they arose. By focusing on the right opportunities for new business, the company picked up a new contract worth almost $800,000 within 3 months.

CLIENT: Software company

CHALLENGE: Lacking strategic direction with uncertainty in decision-making

This company wanted to acquire a business in a different market niche but with a complimentary client base. They needed external help to conduct due diligence, develop a strategy for the merged companies and help with implementation of the merger.

OUTCOME: I conducted due diligence with an external team of legal and finance specialists, developed a strategy to optimise and leverage the assets and capabilities of both businesses, and assisted with subsequent execution of the merger and initial business operations as a merged entity.

The combined entity generated sales of 12M.

CLIENT: Organisational Change Consultant

CHALLENGE: Rebuild practice and fee base

After taking some personal time out from her business, my client began contracting her services to a third party to provide one-day workshops to their clients. She had an impressive corporate client portfolio but had become stuck in a rut of commodity-based pricing.

OUTCOME: I worked with my client to understand the end-to-end process she took her corporate clients through. We defined each stage and specified clear deliverables and value to her clients for each stage. We also restructured her marketing message and approach strategy. As a result, she was able to win new corporate clients and increase her average fee base by 25K.

CLIENT: Property Development Trust Fund

CHALLENGE: Downsize & restructure a complex business with multiple Directors

For Various reasons that were impacting his stress levels significantly, my client – an extremely successful leader in his field – wanted to downsize his Australian operation. He had Directors in his team that were to be divested from the business, problem people who were under-performing, and financial and legal considerations that had to be addressed in order for this complete restructure to take place.

OUTCOME: I worked with my client and his 2IC, and their associated specialist legal and financial advisors, for 6 months to facilitate these complex, and often delicate, changes. Subsequently, my client was able to take a small core team to the US to repeat his success in that property market. His heartfelt thanks to me said it all: “Thank you so much Jenny. I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.”