5 BIG Mistakes When Asking Clients for Feedback

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Feedback from your clients and customers on an ongoing basis is essential for several reasons: When done the right way, it is seen as a positive thing by your clients as an indicator of your intent to improve and perhaps expand on the products and services you deliver As Dan Kennedy says, “Inspect what you […]

5 Reasons Why Having a Purpose is Good for your Business

Large corporate organisations all have mission statements, as you know, and most employees can’t recall what they are, as you know. Small businesses don’t have mission statements, but some do articulate their purpose. With more companies aligning with charities and causes they wish to support to help make the world or their local community a […]

TEC’s CEO Report on Opportunities Over Next 5 Years

The Executive Connection (TEC – a networking organisation for CEOs) recently produced the result of their research with 700 CEOs from Australian and NZ. They produced the findings that the top four ways that CEOs agreed would unlock potential new business opportunities over the next five years to 2020 are: Disruption Leadership China Selling These […]

5 things I’ve learned this past month

5 Things i Leaned - Jenny Stilwell

Corporate Real Estate CRE is a topic I’ve never given a lot of thought to. I learned more about it from talking to a friend of mine who now has an impressively long job title (that no-one really understands!) There is a whole world of resources devoted to improving efficiencies and reducing costs of Corporate […]

Resist Temptation When Hiring Becomes Urgent

Resist Temptation When Hiring Becomes Urgent

Let’s imagine, just for a moment, that you desperately need to find someone to help take the load off you, or some of your team. This may be because you’ve lost one or two people from your business, or you’re growing and just have too many things on the go. You decide beforehand what sort […]