5 BIG Mistakes When Asking Clients for Feedback

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Feedback from your clients and customers on an ongoing basis is essential for several reasons: When done the right way, it is seen as a positive thing by your clients as an indicator of your intent to improve and perhaps expand on the products and services you deliver As Dan Kennedy says, “Inspect what you […]

Your Team Holds the Clues 

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If your company has been through a growth phase, or has hit a plateau, it is then that you will benefit greatly from talking to your team in a structured way, specifically to get their feedback on what’s working, what isn’t working and where the gaps are in terms of resources or processes. Here are […]

How to attract the staff you need

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Just because you select an ideal recruit for your business, doesn’t mean they will automatically want to work for you. Why not? Many businesses overlook the fact that they have to sell their offer and make it an attractive option for prospective new employees. If you operate in a competitive environment where good recruits are […]

How to Measure Your Marketing Results

How do you get the most out of your marketing spend? There’s no point in spending the money on marketing activities unless you have the ability to measure the results. Otherwise, how will you know which activities to stop, and which ones to repeat, as they’ve been so successful for you? The following checklist is […]