5 Steps to Planning Your Way out of Lockdown for 2021

When we had our first wave of lockdown early on in the year, it became obvious that business would not be the same for the next few months. As the months rolled on, it seemed that business for most companies would possibly never be the same. Apart from the industries that have been deeply affected […]

Cash is King but Margin is Queen

The reason I’m covering this topic is because all too often I see small business owners – mostly those in Foundation – focusing just on sales. All their activities are about getting the sale, and being paid to receive the cash (or the funds). Whilst that is an extremely important part of your business to […]

3 Things to ‘Be’ When Marketing in a ‘Distracted’ World

3 Things to ‘Be’ When Marketing in a ‘Distracted’ World Jenny Stilwell

Getting through to your target market with online and offline marketing messages is increasingly harder to do. In my book, ‘Small Business CEO’, I take you through the key marketing strategies to focus on when your business is in Foundation Stage. This includes getting your value proposition right, and your core messages, and creating a […]

Top 7 Marketing Reasons to Host an Event

Top 7 Marketing Reasons to Host an Event - Jennystilwell.com.au

Hosting your own event is a great marketing strategy that in my experience, always generates new business opportunities. Here are my top 7 reasons to host one: Reinforces Your Market Position – since it’s your event, you control how everything is done from catering to signage to welcoming guests and any product samples or information […]

3 Reasons You Need Tiers To Grow Your Business

Client tiers are important! Not just for small businesses but also for large companies, but many times people forget about tiers. It’s a great tool to keep you focused. For this article, I’ll use a hypothetical one or two partner suburban accounting practice with 600 clients as an example. Let’s assume that there’s likely to […]

How to Measure Your Marketing Results

How do you get the most out of your marketing spend? There’s no point in spending the money on marketing activities unless you have the ability to measure the results. Otherwise, how will you know which activities to stop, and which ones to repeat, as they’ve been so successful for you? The following checklist is […]

The role of CEO as marketer

The role of CEO as marketer

  Not all business owners or CEOs have marketer as one of their roles. There are two key reasons for this: they don’t have time to do it after they’ve addressed their other roles, or they don’t have a background in marketing or a real understanding of what is required and so don’t make time […]