Checklist for Creating Winning Proposals

Checklist for Creating Winning Proposals

Preparation 1. Do you have enough information on the client’s company to understand their business and the context of their inquiry/request/approach to you? 2. Have you identified the stakeholders? 3. Do you understand what each of the stakeholders really wants? 4. Have you assessed the business requirements, and the individual requirements, of your clients? 5. […]

Smart Tips for ‘Working the Room’

Once you’re at an event – whether social or business – you need to make the most of it and ‘work the room’. I witnessed some excellent working of the room at the Oaks Day cocktail party, which I’ll share with you here: Tip #1: Be clear on who to avoid and who to engage. […]

8 Ways to Generate New Business

I use these activities to generate new business opportunities and help my clients do the same, and to be really effective make it an ongoing exercise! 1. Reactivate Connections Call or email people you haven’t seen in a long time. Most of us get caught up in our day to day lives and sometimes let […]

3 of the Best Offline Business Development Strategies

There are multitudes of marketing strategies, both online like the ones I’ve profiled in the last two issues, and offline. The best and most effective strategies, which you have the most control over, are those that target your ideal clients directly. Think of these two scenarios: Scenario 1: You purchase a list of 1,000 contacts […]