What sort of meetings work best for your business?

There is nothing worse than the meeting that drags on aimlessly without apparent purpose, and without any outcome. Having our time hijacked by inefficient meetings should never happen. The only reasons we should have structured meetings as opposed to ad hoc discussions and catch ups on the fly are: We need to work through something […]

7 steps to a productive ‘day out’

ennyStilwell - productive day out

There are many ways that CEOs can take time out to strategically work on reviewing, improving and growing their business. You can look outward to other companies in your industry, other industries, emerging trends and new technology – all as input to your thinking about your own business You can look inward at specific areas […]

Are you emotional enough about your goals?

JennyStilwell.com.au - Get Emotional About your Goals

Year after year many of us set goals that we fail to achieve. I believe there are a few reasons for that: We don’t believe we can really achieve them, We have no idea – really – how to make them happen, We’re not really motivated to do the work to make them happen. Goal […]

Self-Managing is Job One!

Self-Managing is Job One

Self managing is Job One.  If you can’t manage yourself, don’t expect to manage a business, or other people, or clients, well. We use a really effective technique to help our clients self-manage.  “Big Rocks” is a management concept of sorts which has been used in various ways for some time.  It’s a concept which […]

4 Steps to Getting Your Mojo Back

Sometimes, somewhere along the way, some of us have a crisis of purpose, when you ask yourself questions like ‘is this what I really want to be doing?’ or ‘I don’t know what I really want to do’. We don’t all start a business because it’s our purpose in life. Mick Jagger has been quoted […]