Signs your strategy may need a makeover

Strategy - Signs your strategy may need a makeover -

Some companies ignore strategy as part of their business practice, and prefer to just roll on and respond to opportunities as they occur. That’s one approach. However, I believe that even if opportunities arise that we didn’t foresee, a strategy will help us decide which of those to pursue and which to leave. You really […]

Top 3 traps when scaling up

Jenny Stilwell - op 3 Tips when scaling up

Most businesses scale up organically. Occasionally businesses get capital injections to take them sky-rocketing from zero to millions very quickly. Other businesses scale up too fast; they lose control and crash and burn. Here are the top three traps to avoid when you scale up your business:   Uncertainty about your business model You really […]

7 steps to a productive ‘day out’

ennyStilwell - productive day out

There are many ways that CEOs can take time out to strategically work on reviewing, improving and growing their business. You can look outward to other companies in your industry, other industries, emerging trends and new technology – all as input to your thinking about your own business You can look inward at specific areas […]

Could this happen to your business?

Many corporate Boards are now considering the topic of disruptive technology very seriously. That is, the sort of advances in technology that could side-swipe your business or your industry if you aren’t prepared. Think about the impact that digital technology, for example, has had on all sorts of industries – music, print media, direct marketing […]

Are you emotional enough about your goals? - Get Emotional About your Goals

Year after year many of us set goals that we fail to achieve. I believe there are a few reasons for that: We don’t believe we can really achieve them, We have no idea – really – how to make them happen, We’re not really motivated to do the work to make them happen. Goal […]

Start Creating Your Strategic Growth Blueprint

strategic growth blueprint

The important decisions, the decisions that really matter, are strategic. They involve either finding out what the situation is, or changing it, either finding out what the resources are or what they should be. Among these are all decisions on business objectives and on the means to reach them.Peter Drucker, “The Practice of Management Strategy. […]

3 Reasons You Need Tiers To Grow Your Business

Client tiers are important! Not just for small businesses but also for large companies, but many times people forget about tiers. It’s a great tool to keep you focused. For this article, I’ll use a hypothetical one or two partner suburban accounting practice with 600 clients as an example. Let’s assume that there’s likely to […]

7 Strategic Planning Essentials

Strategic Planning Essentials

No planning process is failsafe or perfect, and the very nature of planning for the future means we have to be flexible. However, these seven considerations are essential to your strategic planning process: 1.       You must be totally involved in the process. This may sound ridiculous, but I’ve had the misfortune to run two strategic […]