What if you’re the problem? 5 ways you could be holding back your business

None of us want to hear or think that maybe we are the problem in our business, but so many times that is the case! If you see your own behaviour in any of these examples, it will definitely be worthwhile to think about what you need to focus on to get past this. Positive […]

Do you love your business enough?

All of us can hang on too long to a business that no longer fulfils us. Why? We tell ourselves things like ‘I just need a break and I’ll be more inspired when I’ve had some time out’. We ignore the facts that are telling us to let go, like financial indicators across the board. […]

Break Things Down to Get Things Done!

If you have individual items to get done, you will create a list. These items may not be related to each other. If you have a task that requires a few actions to be completed, you could still create a list to get these done. When there’s a project to be completed that has a […]

Is Your Margin Making You Any Money?

is your margin making you money

Experienced business people will know the answer to this, but it’s still worth doing a check every 3-6 months to make sure your profitability is still on track and that nothing has changed. Less experienced entrepreneurs may not be tracking pricing and margins, and wonder why they aren’t making as much as they thought or […]

When New Clients are Slow to Sign….

We all know how exciting it is when you start talking to a prospective new client and you decide that they’re going to be a BIG client bringing your business all sorts of new opportunities and sales revenue. But things start to slow down after several meetings, and then each meeting rolls into the last […]