Focus on Being Better

I have to say it. I’m really so over way too many people promising their subscribers million dollar sales from scratch, exponential business growth, hordes of new clients and phenomenal marketing secrets that will turn your website into a money making machine almost overnight!

The thing is, these things are possible but they don’t happen overnight – you gain mastery through research, learning, continued application and course correcting.

And that’s the basis of all business success. You need to be better before you get different results.

I recently read that the reason that most people fail to achieve the goals they set for themselves is because 80% of the reasons are attributable to themselves, and only 20% of factors are external.

It is possible to set big goals and achieve them. It is possible to make leaps in your business rather than incremental steps. It is possible to be more successful than most in your own industry.

The way to achieve that is to become better at what you know and how you apply that – in other words, what you do with that knowledge.

At each of the 4 Stages of Growth there are different challenges and hurdles, and most business owners are limited in their ability to address these because they’ve never experienced them before. Chances are, they’ve never tried to learn more about building, growing and managing a business.

It’s easy to buy into ‘hope’ that’s offered by so many. It’s almost impossible to execute based on hope alone.

My advice is to focus on being better. Read more, think more strategically about your business, and set some goals for being better at what you do.

Why not start now?

  1. Write down three challenge areas in your business that you really need to be better at.
  2. List just two actions for each that you can implement straight away to start being better at handling those challenges.
  3. Make a list of resources you could use to help you learn more and help you be better

Everyone can be better at what they do, but not everyone can be bothered.

Be different, and better.