Take The Test – How Well Do You Recruit And Manage Your Team?

Whether you recruit new members to your team by yourself, or use an external recruitment firm, the same requirements apply. If you aren’t clear on a new team member’s role, accountabilities, what you’re looking for and what your priorities are, then don’t expect to be able to find the right person for your business.

As I always advise my clients, and adhere to myself, it’s really worth it to invest the time now to think through the exact requirements of your people resources for your business and the specifics of roles. Once you’ve done that and involved your team in the process, any new person into your business will be very clear on what is expected of them, who to go to for help and support, and how they will be assessed. Your involvement in getting them up to speed should be considerably reduced, with all-round productivity enhanced.

Well worth the investment of your time!

Once you’ve got the right team in place, do you struggle with developing and implementing the right processes and guidelines to managing your team on an ongoing basis?

The following ‘test’ is simply based on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. See how well you go:

1. Do you write a Position Description before you employ each new person into your company?

2. Are you clear on what you are going to offer and the benefits for the employee?

3. Do you consider your offer from the interviewee’s perspective?

4. Do you know what questions to ask in the interview to uncover certain capabilities and attitudes?

5. Do you take time to build rapport and employ people you like?

6. Do you have a process to assess all the candidates from a consistent perspective?

7. Are you always decisive when it comes to choosing the right person to employ?

8. Do you have a way to keep all your people accountable?

9. Are you completely clear on your own role and accountabilities?

10. Do you have a system that enables you to spend less hands-on time recruiting and managing your people?

Count the number of ‘yes’ answers you have and refer to the ratings below:

8 or more You are a legend!! Well done. Way above the norm on this particular test…….

By the way, Question 5 is a trick question!

5-8 Not bad. You’re doing a reasonable job in a difficult management area. If you were to use an easy to follow system, you’d make life a lot easier!