Case Studies

Telecomms How to generate more sales revenue using customer data held across multiple systems   The client was conducting an organisation-wide review of all MIS systems, and this project was aimed at identifying how they could be used more effectively to increase revenues.   Review of all marketing information systems across the organisation, with focus on accessibility of relevant data for input to business planning and decision making.   Potential incremental revenue increases of $300M identified, through more customer focused use of company-wide customer databases.
Telecomms Leadership Training – from technical to commercial focus Develop and present a training program on Marketing Principles for a select group of Product Development Managers.  This training was part of a Leadership Development Program.   Program was tested in one area then rolled out to other product areas nationally.
FMCG Brands Business Rebuilding – after 30% drop in revenue   Our client is a multi-million dollar business and had lost a major customer and 30% of their revenue. They wanted to rebuild this lost ground.   We conducted a strategic review of the business, identified the primary opportunities for growth, and provided a clear strategic roadmap for the way forward.   In 2 years this lost ground has been regained, and our client has experienced close to 100% growth in that time.  

Other Projects

Organisational Review   PROJECT DESCRIPTION  
Marketing Strategy for 3 hospitals in corporate group   Work with the CEO in a hospital group to develop cohesive and cost-effective marketing plans.  This involved working with the key executive, surgeons, GPs, regional health organisations and the community.  
Merger strategy for three separate businesses     Research customer segments in event management industry to address branding, range of services, account management, positioning and delivery of proposed entity.  
Merger Strategy, Due Diligence & Implementation     Develop strategy, undertake due diligence with financial and legal specialists, and manage merger implementation for two businesses in the petroleum industry.
Sales Review & Competitive Analysis   Review effectiveness of sales team in media company, in conjunction with competitive analysis of other advertising media. Recommendation on new sales process and initiatives.
Brand Development   Research into consumer and retail market for redevelopment of cosmetics brand, with development of marketing strategy to successfully re-launch existing brand.
Corporate Marketing Training   Develop and present a marketing course in IT&T industry as part of a Corporate Leadership Development Program.  
Organisational Review   Develop new organisational structure in professional services firm to enable founding Partner to exit core practice.  
Corporate Mentoring   Successfully mentor a Group General Manager, competing with other internal candidates, into position of preferred internal CEO candidate for a not for profit.