Custom Strategy Advice

Custom Strategy Advice Testimonials 

“Having enjoyed an excellent association with Jenny Stilwell over these last five years, I feel well placed to commend her services to others.

Following the merger of our business, the partners appointed Jenny to undertake a comprehensive strategic review of the business.

Jenny’s submission was extremely insightful. She was able to capture the mood of the existing business and recommended a workable structure based on appropriate personnel changes, which greatly improved management systems.

Jenny interviewed our management team and personnel from our sales, marketing and administration departments for the purpose of providing us with her advice and recommendations.

We found that Jenny had the ability to interview our people and decipher the key issues that required attention. We have been operating the business based on her recommendations and system improvements and have been pleased with the efficiencies and improvements that have been generated.

We found Jenny extremely easy to deal with and there is no doubt that our business has benefited from her involvement. Accordingly, we would be pleased to recommend her services to the owners of any organisation looking to undertake a program of improvement in the areas of management structure and system improvements.”

Director, Real Estate Company

“Thanks for a terrifically planned and executed two-day strategy session.   I am very confident with the changes we have made and the new roles for many of us. The business will I am sure be faster and more active in achieving the correct strategic goals.

I am quite amazed at how you were able to allow the meeting to flow and get through all the issues.  Amazingly we also managed to get through all of the content. You’re a star.” 

Managing Director, Private Label Brands

“I have worked with Jenny on a number of projects for different companies over many years. Initially I sought specific assistance with market research and since then, Jenny’s diverse range of services and skills have proven to be indispensable in many aspects of business development.

Jenny has since completed major work, such as business strategy, within my own cosmetics business. She first brings clarity, and then focus, to business, working with an exceptionally high level of integrity.

It is common for people in senior management roles to get bogged down so that they can no longer see a business and its specific needs objectively. They are so busy running the business on a day to day level that they can’t grasp the bigger picture and consequently, the bigger picture can be overwhelming. This is where Jenny makes things crystal clear. Working with Jenny is both challenging and rewarding – you won’t always be told what you want to hear. This rigour is so important to activate objective, positive change.

She offers business people the necessary support to effectively implement change and stick at it in order to achieve the desired results.

Additionally, the mentoring program provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new people in an interactive, supportive business group.

The value of working with Jenny will always be returned in the growth a business experiences through new strategy, new networks and the facilitation of new business structure.

Managing Director, Cosmetics Company

“Hi Jenny,

Now that we’ve tidied up our results for the financial year, I can update you on the progress of your master plan.

Personnel….the restructuring and goal-setting via KPIs has brought us a real increase in talent and behaviours…newcomers at senior level have settled in to become serious contributors, and a number of our existing people have been able to set themselves loftier aims. Despite our growth, there’s a greater sense of “can do” among the staff, and none of the stresses and irritations we’ve suffered in the past.

Client relations…..the work we’ve put into this over the past two years is paying off. We’re in a much better position to analyse their contribution to our business, and increasingly, we’re finding it easier to build growing partnerships with the more dynamic of our clients.

Technology…the investment in technological growth is paying off too. We’re finding that we’re in better touch than ever with European and Asian innovators in raw materials supplies, and the flow-on effect is of course, having a big impact on the development time and sophistication of our offerings to our clients.

Financials …better shape than ever….sales were up 36% on the previous year, EBIT  grew by approx 44%, we’ve grown our cash position, and find ourselves in a great position to fund the next growth spurt.

All of this has led to a long-awaited result. I can now schedule regular time-off for gentler pursuits, including that dreamed-of doctorate. When I’m at work, it’s more about creativity than problem solving, and I think that most of our team feel the same way, and I’m excited by the prospect of working with a far more motivated team than ever before.

We were always too busy working in the business, and it was only the introduction of your master strategy that gave us a structured approach to working on the business and the outcomes have been outstanding.

I’ll talk to you soon about the leadership training….the next step towards building the best team in the business.

In summary, thank you…without the plan, the encouragement and the follow-up we’d still be up to our neck in quicksand!!!”

Managing Director, Manufacturing Company

“Four years ago, I bought my business partner out and decided to develop and grow the company independently. With guidance and assistance from Jenny  I have been able to successfully grow this business from four employees to fifteen. Today we provide innovative point of purchase displays and solutions to some of the biggest retail product names in the cosmetics and sporting industries in Australia.

I particularly needed structure in my business, and a solid foundation on which to grow. The professional and experienced support form Jenny was absolutely fantastic from the onset. I felt an instant sense of trust. If you are going to confidently seek advice you need to know that the advisor has been there, done that, and has experience and expertise to offer trusted advice.

If you reach a point in business like I did where you begin to think “We’ve got to get serious about our business, we have got to change focus and take the next step” then I have no doubt in recommending Jenny  to get you moving in the right direction.

Managing Director, Digital Display Company

“Prior to the establishment of the company, I had significant experience in the corporate sector. In many ways I felt competent enough to handle the organisation of company strategy. At the same time, I realised I was too close to the business and what we really needed was an objective viewpoint. We needed to revise our business structure and effectively implement the necessary change to realise and exceed our goals.

Our brief to Jenny was simple and direct: we want to double our turnover as quickly as possible!

Jenny interviewed every staff member at head office, constructed relevant feedback, planned and implemented a full-day strategic session for management and developed an overall strategic plan including reassessment of infrastructure and new reporting procedures.

I trusted that Jenny would bring about positive results in our business but I had no idea just how quickly that would happen.

Jenny has approached our business with intelligence and reliability, implementing all changes as specified and we are seeing results very quickly.

It’s understandable that small businesses may feel nervous and dubious about investing in the structure of their business, but without a solid strategy in place, the business will struggle to grow anywhere near as effectively. In hindsight, it would have been a significant disadvantage to our business not to proceed with seeking this assistance. I have come to trust and understand this through the positive results we have achieved.

In terms of business strategy and mentoring, we consider Jenny an integral part of our business team, and will continue to work with her to grow our business strategically.”

Managing Director, Marketing Services Company

“Jenny is a very trustworthy, experienced and professional person who has a great depth of management and leadership skills. It was a pleasure working with her. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone needing an experienced management professional.”

Managing Director, IT Consulting Practice

“Jenny has a talent to take very practical steps to deal with complex business issues. She is also passionate about the things she does, which tends to rub off on the people that surround her. Her business as mentor and consultant was made for her, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level to have a word with her.”

Director, Marketing Consultancy

“Jenny has provided our company and management with strategic plans, brilliant guidance and support to ensure that we have stayed on track and achieved our expected growth year on year.”

General Manager, FMCG Company 

“Jenny’s ability to objectively asses a business’s virtues and shortcomings then surgically formulate a lucrative path forward makes her one of the best at what she does. Jenny’s worth every penny!”

Marketing Manager, Digital Agency