Personal Strategic Mentoring

Personal Strategic Mentoring Testimonials

“As a business owner and the managing director, I have no peers inside my business.  Mentoring with Jenny provides an excellent opportunity to bounce ideas and concepts around with other business owners with similar growth aspirations.  You only need one really good idea from the program to make the investment very worthwhile.”

“Bouncing ideas around with Jenny and my program colleagues helps me see old problems from new perspectives.  Sometimes a sharp mind and a fresh set of eyes can spot the breakthroughs you need.”  

“Jenny’s ability to mix the participants across industries and create a confidential and safe place for discussion allows each of us to be open and frank in our discussions and make the best use of the time we spend as a group.  While following a structured process, Jenny is terrific at being able to adapt the content to the specific needs of the group as they arise, making the process even more valuable!”  

Managing Director, Management Consulting Practice

“I am really enjoying my participation in the mentoring program. It is a chance for me to exchange ideas and experiences with other business owners who are enthusiastic and passionate about achieving success. The speakers & workshops have been excellent – it is a great process of focusing on the real issues and finding solutions, which I have been able to bring back into my team and workplace as better practices. The program is unique, credible and of great value to me.”

Managing Director, Creative Design Agency

“I’d been working so much in the business that it was like a breath of fresh air to have Jenny help us map out our business strategy for the next 12 months.  Not only did we come away inspired and reinvigorated, but we had our own blueprint for moving forward.  It was so well worth the investment. Jenny’s skill set is amazing – she understands all aspects of the business model from HR to marketing to finance, and, she’s a great facilitator.” 

Managing Director, PR Company

“What a great experience! The mentoring program has given me the confidence to explore the more qualitative aspects of my business, such as vision, mission and potential growth.

Sometimes we go through life working so hard that we may forget how much we’ve already accomplished. The most important thing I will take away from the program is the renewed knowledge of my ability. This program reinforces my belief that our opportunities are limitless and most importantly, I CAN do this successfully.

The program has given me real motivation to make a difference. I know that I have the resources as well as the ability to help my business achieve its goals.

I also really enjoy working with a great group of people who are so willing to share their experience and information to help me and my business. I love getting new ideas, and I think Jenny’s program has been amazing!

Thanks for putting together a wonderful experience.

Managing Director, Fashion Designer & Retailer

“I think very highly of the mentoring program. In a nutshell, I gain so many benefits from CEOs in different industry sectors, learning in areas which are important to enable me to grow better, stronger and wealthier. I wouldn’t have these experiences or opportunities without Jenny’s mentoring program. Without it, I’d be an island!”

CEO, Health & Beauty Company

“I have absolutely loved the program, most importantly the people I’ve met! The content, guest speakers etc., have been so worthwhile and I would happily recommend it to others in a similar position. The program made me face up to a number of challenges and situations in my own business that have now been rectified and made me question other areas that I was not so comfortable in, which was the whole purpose of joining.

Again, my thanks to Jenny for running such a great program!”

Director, Marketing Communications Company

“The program provides you with the opportunity to think about your business, as well as provide the tools and guidance on structuring a sound framework for business strategy.  The program is very enjoyable as well as challenging.  I highly recommend it.” 

Owner, Health Care Practice

“The most difficult aspect of running your business, and growing it, is to work on the business rather than in it. The program has been great in giving me this focus, as well as the opportunity to learn from others who are going through the same experiences as me. Don’t just sit back – make it happen.” 

Director, Creative DesignAgency

“The program has provided me with an opportunity to meet with like-minded business people who are full of energy and passion about what they do.  It’s also given me new ideas, tools and techniques to help me to focus on what’s important for my business right now and in the future.  It’s a really supportive environment…

Jenny is an excellent facilitator and I highly recommend the mentoring program.”

Director, Consulting Practice

“The mentoring program provided me with invaluable insights into understanding, evaluating and growing my business. It enabled me to make immediate changes to my business (that produced positive financial results) and develop strong plans for its future.

Jenny is definitely an expert at identifying how to discard the fruitless elements of your business and hones in on what will bring you results, as well as personal and business satisfaction.

I cannot recommend Jenny highly enough and encourage anyone that wants to build a better, more satisfying business to take advantage of Jenny’s knowledge and program.”

Director, Media Agency

“Jenny spent a phenomenal 3 hours in our first meeting, determining my goals and aspirations. This left a great impression on me. I felt immediately confident in the knowledge that I had found the support and assistance I was searching for.

Jenny works with you flexibly as a team rather than simply instructing you. This is so important.

I also joined the mentoring program….the comprehensive information was easy to utilise in my own business situation. I also gained a number of invaluable business contacts that I maintain to this day.

Jenny worked with me to establish the confidence and the foundations I needed to buy out the business that I was working in as a Business Manager. This is the best choice I could have made and I don’t believe I could have found the confidence to do this independently without appropriate moral support. Jenny allowed me to follow through. Business wise, we were able to turn a significant leaf in terms of profit, staff morale and the business systems and procedures. We noticed positive results sooner than we expected.

The greatest reward was in feeling that I had made these achievements independently. Jenny was there all the way, yet I felt I was always in control as the key decision maker in my own business progress. Jenny demonstrates an incredibly genuine level of care.

Small business owners, in particular, need to feel this sense of empathy and trust as I think many would otherwise find it quite difficult to make and justify the investment when seeking business support for the first time. Clearly, this investment is well and truly worthwhile in so many ways.”

Co-Owner, Restaurant Group

“The mentoring program provides me with support, perspective, new ideas, tools and a degree of accountability i.e. the scaffolding I need to take my consultancy practice to the next level.  As a well-established one-man band looking to grow steadily but profitably, Jenny’s patient challenging of my thinking has helped me to focus on the important stuff, not just the urgent.  It’s a worthwhile investment that I’d recommend to any business owner who’s seriously thinking about growth but not so sure how to achieve it.”  

Director, Consulting Firm

“We have been in business 8 years and were seeking to leverage our success in new and clever ways and so sought out a business coach.

Jenny has been mentoring us for nearly 6 months and is assisting us in 2 key ways. Helping us find solutions to the big issues facing our sustainability and in enabling us to discover and generate new ways of thinking and doing things”.

“The mentoring program has provided us with an objective opinion and given us the perspective and voice of those outside our business. This has enabled us to craft proposals and structure payment plans in a way that has greatly improved our cash flow. As a professional services business this know-how is helping us to develop more business from our client base and sustain income evenly across longer periods”.

“The program has provided us with the balance between knowledge and skill building and motivation. Jenny has enabled us to get through some difficult periods and also kept us focused on the bigger goals. This dual focus enables us to grow our business as well as fight the everyday fires that could easily slow us down in the past”.

Thank you Jenny.

Director, Training Consultancy

“Personal mentoring …..Why wouldn’t you?

We joined the Jenny’s program just 6 months ago. Our business was doing well, but had the potential to do even better.

I was uncertain if mentoring was the way to go at first, but now have no hesitation in recommending the program to others.

Valuable sessions, delivered in a flexible way, have assisted us to define future directions for our business.

We have built our client base and our product range/offer as a direct result of the mentoring assistance provided by Jenny.

It has been refreshing to have someone from outside of our business acting as a sounding board and giving us advice.

Thanks Jen you are a gem!”

Director, Training Consultancy