The 12 Days of Christmas – a Year in Review

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If you had to sum up your year, what one word would you use? Haven’t thought about it?

This is the time of year I always reflect on the previous 12 months, because the time flies by so quickly that we can forget the detail and we often forget to pause and reflect.

Here are 12 questions, in keeping with a festive theme, to consider now or in the New year. When you go through them, don’t just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in your mind, but write down your answers in detail.

This review should help frame what you want to focus on in the next year, in your business and also your personal life. For business owners, they are usually quite intertwined anyway!

I hope your review provides some insights and direction into your focus for the next 12 months.

  1. Have you learned?
  2. Have you had fun?
  3. Have you made new connections that you will continue to develop?
  4. Have you moved outside your comfort zone at all?
  5. Have you achieved things you thought you couldn’t?
  6. Has your business evolved?
  7. Did you achieve your business goals?
  8. Have you been creative – in business, in life?
  9. Have you let go of what doesn’t serve you and what you can’t control, and focused instead on what you can control and change?
  10. Have you been a positive influence in the lives of the people in ‘your world’, no matter how big or small?
  11. Are you happy with the achievements, progress and experiences you have had this year?
  12. Have you utilised your unique talents to make your year a memorable one?


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