Episode 19: The Story of Planet Cake from Startup to Sale with Paris Cutler

Episode 18: The Story of Planet Cake from Startup to Sale with Paris Cutler

In this podcast, Jenny Stilwell interviews Paris Cutler, founder of Planet Cake, sharing her unique journey from strategic entry into the cake business to navigating the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Paris discusses pivoting during the downturn, emphasizing leadership lessons and the importance of quick decisions. Paris also talks about her post-Planet Cake ventures, including branding consultancy, leadership training, and ambassadorship for ZADASI, a platform supporting female entrepreneurs. Tune in as the episode captures Paris Cutler’s resilience, strategic acumen, and commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, especially women, through diverse business ventures and collaborations.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Strategic Entry into the Cake Business
  • Navigating the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)
  • Leadership Lessons and Decision-Making During Challenges
  • Post-Exit Ventures: Branding Consultancy, Leadership Training, and Food Business
  • Ambassadorship for ZADASI LLC: Supporting Female Entrepreneurs


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