“Upscaling from a 2M business to 10M or 20M requires strategic shifts.”

With Australian research showing that only 7% of businesses grow beyond two million dollars in turnover, it is a small group of entrepreneurs that are able to scale beyond that to grow their companies to eight figures.

A 10M company cannot be run and developed in the same way that got it to seven figures in the first place.

Strategic shifts are required:

  • People and Business Structure – to streamline processes and operations
  • Develop and Lead – to build depth of capability into the business
  • Strategise and Scale – to focus the team on future direction

The Shift Business Growth Framework is a 7-Stage Process to help entrepreneurs take control of their growth path, create a valuable business with strong foundations, effective leadership and strategic focus.

Each of these key stages contains modules which we work through to put the necessary components in place that will enable the business to grow into 8 figures.

The beauty of this process is that it starts at whatever point a company needs to start making shifts to upscale. There is massive value in upscaling your business using the entire process, so the earlier in the process your business starts to upscale to eight figures, the better.

The benefits are tangible and will enable you to not only create a better business, but also enable you to create a better life for yourself and the people you love.

Start the Shift to Upscale from 7 to 8 Figures

The 7-Stage process can be implemented in your business in full or you can start at any of the stages:

  • People and Structure – start streamlining business processes and operations, put structure into your business, and free yourself to thrive and grow
  • Develop and Lead – build depth of capability into the business and transition your own role to that of leader with a focus on building value in the company
  • Strategise and Scale – develop a strategy roadmap for the whole team to follow, implement and be accountable for


I understand it is a big step to bring in an outsider to assist with your business, which is why I fully guarantee the process. If I do not deliver against your brief and provide the desired outcomes you specify at the commencement of the process, I will personally refund 100% of any fees paid.

Next Step

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Succes Stories

  • “It was time to get moving and get serious. With guidance and assistance from Jenny I have been able to successfully grow this business from four employees to fifteen. I particularly needed structure in my business and a solid foundation on which to grow.

    Jenny initially provided a comprehensive strategy, then restructured the business with a view to moving forward and expanding. She provided continued consulting support which gave me confidence and peace of mind.”

    CEO / Gush Global
  • “It is common for CEOs to get bogged down so they can no longer see the specific needs of their business objectively. They are so busy running the business on a day-to-day level that they can’t grasp the bigger picture.

    Jenny has an objective perspective of what is required within a business, and provides the map and tools needed to navigate to a destination. She acts as a guide and support, helping you to overcome obstacles and pull your business together so you can confidently plan a future.”

    CEO / Neon Cosmetics