What does The 7% Club book cover?

A practical and inspiring book for founders and CEOs who are ready to overcome roadblocks that stand in the way of growth from $2M and beyond.


‘Hi Jenny! Spent the last two days reading your book. Really great read and very much needed from my end! Thank you for writing it.’ (Ash – reader message via LinkedIn)

‘Coaching is an art, and to do it well is far easier said then done. It often requires the ability to simplify the complex in order to build the confidence required to take action. That’s what Jenny does so well in her book The 7% Club. Not only does she empathise with the reader, provide real data to prevent some mis-guided comparisons, but she also shares complete frameworks that can be actioned immediately. I read the book in one sitting, was implementing the next day, and educating my teams on Jenny’s frameworks not long after. The best endorsement I could possibly give an author is that their book evolved into an action plan and an educational resource that I’m sure I will return too.’  Dan Cross, Managing Director, The Progress Faculty

‘I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your book, The 7% CLUB. I am enjoying it a lot. It is real, practical and I feel like you have “been there done that” – and come out the other side of the scaling up experience. We are in the midst of a big growth spurt, along with all of the growing pains that that entails. I am about half-way through your book and I am needing to read it with my highlighter at the ready.

I really want to give it to my GM, who I know will love it.’ (reader feedback via email)

‘Thanks for writing “The 7% Club”, it has helped me determine how to measure a successful SME business & determine an end goal. I don’t read many books or recommend them, but this one I could not put down, very well done!’ (reader message via email)

‘Thank you Jenny – I am loving the book – your writing is so engaging and easy to read.’ (reader message via email)

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About the book

Only 7% of businesses in Australia break through $2M turnover – this book helps founders and CEOs set their sights on $5M to $10M and more, and overcome any roadblocks and challenges in their way.

Many books have been published for startups and entrepreneurs, and the common goal is to become a seven-figure business. This is challenging in itself, but it then takes a whole new strategy, and different resources and skillsets, to grow to $2M and beyond. In fact, only 7% of Australian businesses reach this benchmark.

In The 7% Club, strategy advisor and business mentor Jenny Stilwell explores and explains what is happening inside a business that starts struggling as it approaches $2M. What are the challenges that stand in the way of the next stage of growth? How can they be overcome?

Jenny presents a Shift Business Growth Framework that simplifies the pathway to growth. The framework addresses complexity, leadership and strategy – the main areas that challenge growth-oriented businesses. Backed by extensive research and actual case studies, The 7% Club is practical, thought-provoking and inspiring.

At some point, founders and CEOs need to decide if their business will control them or if they are going to grow a business that will enable them to create a better life for themselves and the people they love.

The 7% Club is a must-read for leaders and business owners who are ready to take the next step in their growth. They will learn how to put the right strategies in place to create a better business that will enable them to thrive and grow in business and life.