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The 7% Club podcast is for business founders, CEOs and leaders of companies on the path from 7 to 8 figures (only 7% make it past 2M in revenue), as well as for those aspiring to make the shift from six to seven figures.

Your host Jenny Stilwell shares her own experiences in running and growing 7 and 8 figure companies, and from working with clients across multiple sectors and helping them upscale. You will also hear from experts, and fellow entrepreneurs who have joined The 7% Club, about their challenges and growth strategies that will enlighten, engage and inspire as you upscale from 7 to 8 figures.

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How to Get Invaluable Client Feedback

Feedback from your clients and customers on an ongoing basis is essential for several reasons:

–          When done the right way, it is seen as a positive thing by your clients as an indicator of your intent to improve and perhaps expand on the products and services you deliver

–          As Dan Kennedy says, “Inspect what you expect”. Even if you think your clients are happy, it’s always a good insurance policy to check that from time to time.

–          Again, when done properly, the feedback you receive could potentially make a big difference to your business in terms of the opportunities it opens up

So, asking clients for feedback is good.

3 Strategies for Managing Your Direct Reports

As the CEO, you don’t want to micro-manage your team. But ‘set and forget’ isn’t the right strategy either.

You need to know what’s going on, so having a strategy for how you work with your direct reports will benefit them, and you, and ultimately the business.

Here are my top 3 tips for how you work with your direct reports.

CEO vs Business Owner - is the difference important?

Are you a CEO or a Business Owner?

There are two aspects to this question: one is your title and actually seeing yourself as the CEO; the other is your approach to business growth and leadership. This shift in attitude to your role means you step up and acknowledge that you are the leader of a team now. They need your guidance and direction.

There are many fundamental differences in the business owner approach versus the CEO approach (which I outline in my book ‘Small Business CEO’), but the main difference is that business owners fail to evolve and up-level their own role.

If you’re serious about upscaling, then it’s time to make the shift from Business Owner to CEO.

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