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Jenny is often approached for speaking engagements by associations and network groups, and presented to her own CEO groups for many years with 7 and 8-figure business owners. She presents on a range of business advice for growing companies.

She has been interviewed twice for the Qantas Business Radio Program and has written many articles and features for a variety of publications, including My Business magazine, Dynamic Business, and the International Institute of Directors and Managers.


Which Stage of Growth is Your Business?

  • There are four Stages of Growth and each requires a specific focus on the right strategic priorities at each stage, in order to grow your business and your skills

Ready for The 7% Club? Upscaling from 7 to 8 Figures

  • Only 7% of businesses in Australia make it beyond 2M in turnover. Scaling up from 7 to 8 figures requires key strategic shifts in order to make this leap in growth. What are they?

Each of these topics addresses small businesses at different levels of growth – those in early start-up phase through to seven figures; and those on an expansion path toward 10M and 20M.


  • "Jenny was invited to present to a women in leadership networking group and it was a great success. Her insights and stories generated a lot of engagement, with the Q&A lasting almost as long as Jenny’s talk! She has so much depth of experience in businesses of all sizes and types, and she has some really valuable lessons that we all learned from. And she gave us all a free copy of her book at the end, which was fantastic!"

    Erin Thomson Marketing & Communications Leader, Clients & Markets, Aurecon
  • "Thank you Jenny for being such a great guest speaker! A couple of my colleagues who were there mentioned how much they had enjoyed the evening and liked the way you ended with the survival 'dot points' - we all felt we could do with those survival tips!! Might you be able to send a summary of the 'dot points' to help us in our work and life generally? I must say I was extremely pleased with the evening - there was warmth in the room and I think that was all thanks to you and your presentation. It was good to have so many questions and in particular from the younger ones - your advice to them I thought was fantastic and I am sure will be followed up."

    Angela Norris St Leonards College