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Take control of growth. Don’t let it take control of you and your life. Create a valuable business with strong foundations, a capable team, and profitable results.

Hi there,

I’m Jenny Stilwell, strategy consultant and advisor to owners and CEOs of growing businesses. Having had CEO roles running others’ companies and growing and running my own businesses, I have experienced first-hand the same challenges that my clients do.

I know that running a 10M company is very different from running a 2M company. When you are so close to the day-to-day it’s almost impossible to know how to make this shift.

When you’re the CEO, there’s no real sounding board for the challenges you encounter. And it isn’t a natural progression to shift from being one of the team, involved in everything, to being the CEO leading the company.

My clients are in what I refer to as ‘The 7% Club’. Only 7% of all businesses in Australia (and there are similar numbers for the UK and the US) make more than 2M turnover a year. This is a small and elite group! You may be a 7-figure business, and experienced challenges with your people, sales performance, profit levels, or just managing operational complexity as the company grows. These are all common challenges for businesses striving to reach their next growth targets, but they are predictable and can be addressed.

You’ve come this far – you don’t want to stall now.

By using the right strategy at the right time, you can navigate and remove these challenges, and continue on your growth path to 8-figures.

The hard part is knowing where to start, and shifting your focus to build strong foundations for the next level of growth.

I can help you navigate the challenges of scaling up and get the positive outcomes you want for yourself and your business.

Would you like to set up a time to discuss what is getting in your way right now?


Simplify & Structure

Shift from complexity to control™

Are you feeling inundated with increasing demands of running your business? Being stuck in the detail can be overwhelming.  Get business complexity under control, so you can build real foundations for growth.

Develop & Lead

Shift from business owner to CEO™

As your business grows into 7-figures, it’s time to take the helm and lead the team. Let them get on with running day-to-day operations, so you can move fully into your role as CEO, to focus on growing value as you scale up.

Strategise & Scale

Shift from uncertainty to clarity™

With the right structure and team in place, you’re ready to scale from 7 to 8 figures. A strategy roadmap will provide the direction and certainty to grow your business, and keep everyone engaged and accountable to getting results.

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Success Stories

  • "Thank you Jenny for being such a great guest speaker! A couple of my colleagues who were there mentioned how much they had enjoyed the evening and liked the way you ended with the survival 'dot points' - we all felt we could do with those survival tips!! Might you be able to send a summary of the 'dot points' to help us in our work and life generally? I must say I was extremely pleased with the evening - there was warmth in the room and I think that was all thanks to you and your presentation. It was good to have so many questions and in particular from the younger ones - your advice to them I thought was fantastic and I am sure will be followed up."

    Angela Norris St Leonards College
  • "Jenny was invited to present to a women in leadership networking group and it was a great success. Her insights and stories generated a lot of engagement, with the Q&A lasting almost as long as Jenny’s talk! She has so much depth of experience in businesses of all sizes and types, and she has some really valuable lessons that we all learned from. And she gave us all a free copy of her book at the end, which was fantastic!"

    Erin Thomson Marketing & Communications Leader, Clients & Markets, Aurecon
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Jenny in her role as CEO of one of our service providers. During that time we established a strong working relationship that added considerable value to our business and the Revlon brand, and the occasional lunch made doing business even that much more enjoyable!”

    Sheryl Osborne National Field Sales Manager - Revlon
  • “As a client of Jenny’s, I experienced great results and great service - she understands the beauty and personal care market in which we operate, and always delivered. And she is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend that anyone needing business strategy and advisory services work with Jenny.”

    Patrick Warren National Store Operations - Devcos International
  • “Jenny’s experience in the IT and telecommunications industry, combined with her depth of business expertise, means she brings a pragmatic approach to technology. She strips away the ‘tech’ to focus on business applications and strategic advantage. She lets the technical experts drive the technology, while she helps them focus on growing their business and the challenges they need to deal with.”

    Stuart Robins Managing Director - Nu Technologies
  • “We were always too busy working in the business, and it was only the introduction of Jenny’s master strategy that gave us a structured approach to working on the business and the outcomes have been outstanding.

    Sales were up 36% on the previous year, EBIT grew by approx. 44%, we’ve grown our cash position, and find ourselves in a great position to fund the next growth spurt.

    When I’m at work, it’s more about creativity than problem solving.

    In summary, thank you…without the plan, the encouragement and the follow-up we’d still be up to our neck in quicksand!!!”

    Managing Director / Natural Beauty Care
  • “Jenny has provided our company and management with strategic plans, brilliant guidance and support to ensure that we have stayed on track and achieved our expected growth year on year. She is a star.”

    Managing Director / Cosmex International
  • “Following the merger of our business, the partners appointed Jenny to undertake a comprehensive strategic review of the business.

    Jenny’s review was extremely insightful. She had the ability to decipher the key issues that required attention. We have been operating the business based on her recommendations and system improvements and have been pleased with the efficiencies and improvements that have been generated.”

    Director / Jellis Craig
  • “It was time to get moving and get serious. With guidance and assistance from Jenny I have been able to successfully grow this business from four employees to fifteen. I particularly needed structure in my business and a solid foundation on which to grow.

    Jenny initially provided a comprehensive strategy, then restructured the business with a view to moving forward and expanding. She provided continued consulting support which gave me confidence and peace of mind.”

    CEO / Gush Global
  • “After establishing a better structure for the company, Jenny then assisted us with strategy for an acquisition. She has diverse expertise and service offerings and I can call on her when new needs arise, totally confident in her skills and experience.

    Every company should allow itself the benefits of seeking an objective viewpoint. This is of real value to me. With great insight Jenny assesses your business and creates a strategy and structure that suits your most specific needs. I have recommended Jenny to a number of my contacts with great success.”

    Managing Director / Peak Oil
  • “It is common for CEOs to get bogged down so they can no longer see the specific needs of their business objectively. They are so busy running the business on a day-to-day level that they can’t grasp the bigger picture.

    Jenny has an objective perspective of what is required within a business, and provides the map and tools needed to navigate to a destination. She acts as a guide and support, helping you to overcome obstacles and pull your business together so you can confidently plan a future.”

    CEO / Neon Cosmetics
  • “The most difficult aspect of running your business, and growing it, is to work on the business rather than in it. Jenny has been great in giving me this focus. Don’t just sit back – make it happen.”

    Co-Founder / The Tank
  • “I'd been working so much in the business that it was like a breath of fresh air to have Jenny help us map out our business strategy for the next 12 months.  Not only did we come away inspired and reinvigorated, but we had our own blueprint for moving forward.  It was so well worth the investment. She is definitely an expert at identifying how to discard the fruitless elements of your business and hones in on what will bring you results, as well as personal and business satisfaction.

    Jenny's skill set is amazing - she understands all aspects of the business model from HR to marketing to finance, and, she's a great facilitator.”

    Managing Director / JMM Communications

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