Episode 21: Talking to Louise Brogan about building a business with Linkedin

Episode 21: Talking to Louise Brogan about building a business with Linkedin

In this episode, Jenny Stilwell interviews Louise Brogan, founder of a boutique marketing agency specializing in LinkedIn. Louise shares her journey from social media training to becoming an expert in LinkedIn marketing, highlighting its effectiveness, particularly during the pandemic. They discuss the importance of LinkedIn profiles for individuals and businesses, emphasizing strategies for maximizing visibility and networking. Louise provides practical advice on optimizing profiles, building a network of value, and incorporating LinkedIn into a broader marketing strategy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Importance of LinkedIn profiles for CEOs and businesses
  • Challenges CEOs face in maintaining an active LinkedIn presence
  • Strategies for optimizing LinkedIn profiles
  • Building a network of value on LinkedIn
  • Incorporating LinkedIn into a broader marketing strategy

About Louise:


Louise Brogan runs a boutique marketing agency working with entrepreneurs, SME’s and professionals who want to raise their profile through LinkedIn in a genuine and valuable way.

Louise is an international speaker, and hosts the LinkedIn with Louise Podcast and YouTube channel.

For the past three years, Louise has been a Small Business Britain Champion and hosts small business netwalks in Belfast on a monthly basis.  In 2019, Louise was invited to attend No 10 Downing Street to represent small business and was invited in 2022 to meet King Charles at Buckingham Palace at a reception honouring Small Business contributions to the UK economy.


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