Episode 23: Talking to Allan Dib about The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Episode 23: Talking to Allan Dib about The 1-Page Marketing Plan

In this episode, Jenny Stilwell interviews Alan Dib, the founder of Lean Marketing and author of the 1-Page Marketing Plan. Alan shares insights from his journey, transitioning from an IT geek to a successful entrepreneur focused on empowering others in marketing. They also dive into the core principles of strategic marketing outlined in Alan’s globally successful book. He emphasizes the importance of targeting the right market, delivering a superior customer experience, and building a lean marketing infrastructure.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Sales conversion strategy
  • Delivering a world-class customer experience
  • Creating a lean marketing infrastructure
  • The role of AI in marketing
  • Future plans for Alan’s company

About Alan Dib

Allan Dib is a rebellious marketer, serial entrepreneur, and #1 bestselling author. Allan has made it his life’s work to simplify the complex, providing clear, structured, and simple frameworks for marketing success and rapid business growth.

Huffington Post named his book The 1-Page Marketing Plan one of the “10 Best Marketing Books”. It has been translated into over 30 languages and changed the way over a million businesses globally are marketing.


Website: https://leanmarketing.com 

Pre-order new book: https://get.leanmarketing.com/book

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