Episode 29: How dashboards transform your business results with Paul Seagar

Episode 29: How dashboards transform your business results with Paul Seagar

Episode 29: How dashboards transform your business results with Paul Seagar

In this episode of the 7 Percent Club podcast, host Jenny Stilwell sits down with Paul Seagar, a seasoned chartered accountant with over 25 years of experience in various industries. Paul shares his extensive background, including his work during the global financial crisis and his role in turning around a scaffold company in Auckland. The discussion emphasizes the importance of dashboards for business efficiency, analyzing data, enhancing financial literacy, and the real-life impact of data-driven decision-making. Paul also explains Rally’s approach to helping businesses unlock valuable insights from their existing data sources. Jenny and Paul explore how proper data management can improve decision-making, efficiency, and profitability. 

Episode Highlights:

  • A Journey Through Finance and Business Innovation
  • The Scaffold Company Turnaround: A Case Study in Business Efficiency
  • Unlocking Business Potential with Dashboards
  • The Power of Data: Transforming Business Insights
  • Engaging with Rally: The Process of Uncovering Business Insights
  • The Impact of Effective Dashboards in Business
  • How to Connect with Rally for Business Insights

About Paul:

Paul Seagar is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience, who excels in uncovering powerful business insights and opportunities. His varied career includes roles at major banks and investment managers in London during the Global Financial Crisis, and the successful turnaround of a scaffold company in Auckland. He is also the founder of a Virtual CFO business and a Data and Analytics company.

Where others see mere numbers, Paul sees potential. Far from being a ‘traditional accountant’, his commercial acumen enables him to look beyond the figures to enhance efficiencies, boost productivity, and manage costs. He is particularly meticulous about leveraging the data that businesses often overlook.

Paul’s expertise extends to re-engineering processes and entire operating models, capital raising, stakeholder management, and the development of live, interactive dashboards. He is skilled in business planning, as well as cash flow management and forecasting, always with an eye on strategic growth.

Let’s connect:
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Website: https://jennystilwell.com.au/
Email: jenny@jennystilwell.com.au

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