Episode 25: Talking to Robine Stephenson about Practical ways to use AI to get ahead

Episode 25: Talking to Robine Stephenson about Practical ways to use AI to get ahead

In this episode, Jenny Stilwell interviews Robine Stephenson, a seasoned expert in digital transformation and technology, with over 20 years of experience. Stephenson shares insights into practical ways to leverage AI effectively, drawing from her background in strategic service design and her involvement in setting up Geelong’s first regional AI hub. The conversation dives into the significance of understanding belief systems and mindsets during organizational changes, particularly in the context of AI adoption. Stephenson distinguishes between traditional AI and newer generative AI models like ChatGPT, highlighting their potential to drive innovation and efficiency.


In this episode, we talked about:


  • Practical ways to utilize AI effectively
  • Importance of understanding belief systems and mindsets during organizational changes
  • Traditional AI vs. newer generative AI models like ChatGPT
  • Navigating the complexities of AI adoption
  • Maximizing benefits of AI for organizational growth


About Robine:


Robine Stephenson, Director of Katachi, is at the forefront of merging strategic operational excellence with cutting-edge technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), to enhance both customer and employee experiences. With over two decades of experience in digital transformation, design and management consulting, Robine’s expertise lies in steering organisations toward achieving a seamless harmony between their strategic ambitions and operational efficiencies.


Robine’s visionary approach in founding Katachi was driven by a desire to not only address immediate organisational needs but to also pioneer the integration of AI tools through a lens that prioritises customer and employee experiences, all while firmly anchored to strategic objectives. This innovative perspective has positioned Katachi as a beacon for organisations keen on exploring and experimenting with AI to drive transformational growth and competitive advantage.


As a thought leader and influential speaker, Robine champions the cause of leveraging technology to foster meaningful interactions and operational efficiencies that resonate with both customers and employees. Her contributions to business strategy, design, innovation, and the ethical use of AI underscore her commitment to advancing a future where businesses thrive by enriching the human experience.



https://katachi.au/ – website

@katachi_ventures – Instagram

https://www.linkedin.com/in/robinestephenson/ – LinkedIn


Offer to Listeners:


Workshop: Make AI your Ally.

AI isn’t a luxury for the few; it’s an essential tool for the many.


Why now?

AI changes everything… except the need to make things better. Your customers don’t care about the tech, they care about the experience.

And AI? It’s your unseen ally in elevating that experience, streamlining your operations, and unlocking opportunities you didn’t know existed.


What Will You Gain?


Insight: Learn not just what AI is, but what it can do for you. We’ll demystify the jargon and focus on the practical applications that matter to your business.

Direction: Discover where to start. Your business is unique; your approach to AI should be too. This workshop will help you identify your starting line.

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In just two hours, we’ll cut through the noise to what matters most. This is about real insights for real businesses, with strategies you can start applying the moment you leave.

You’ll leave with a personalised action plan for how to start experimenting and start to embed AI into your operations in a safe and ethical way.


Your investment:

Special Price for Podcast Listeners: $1,800 ex GST

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Who Should Attend?

If you’re an SMB owner or manager wondering where AI fits into your world, this is for you. It’s for the marketers seeking a new edge, the service providers aiming to elevate their customer experience, and the entrepreneurs looking for their next leap forward.


Ready to Lead?

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