Episode 26: Driving success in small business strategy with Tom Ricca-McCarthy

Episode 26: Driving success in small business strategy with Tom Ricca-McCarthy

In this episode, Jenny Stilwell sits down with Tom Ricca-McCarthy, CEO and founder of GetLucidity, to discuss effective strategy execution. Tom shares insights from his tech background and explains how his passion for strategy led him to create GetLucidity. They explore the importance of continuous strategic planning and companies’ common challenges in this process. Tom stresses the need for simplicity in strategy development, advocating for clear communication and proactive team engagement. He highlights the significance of accountability, prioritization, and regular communication in successful strategy implementation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Importance of simplicity in strategy development
  • Challenges in implementing strategy and achieving organizational goals
  • Clear communication as a key factor in strategy execution
  • Strategies for engaging teams proactively in the planning process
  • Benefits of using the GetLucidity software platform for strategy creation and tracking

About Tom:

Tom is an experienced CEO with a successful track record of building and leading teams in growth and turnarounds in both corporates and SMEs. He has achieved recognition in The Times SME Fastrack for International Growth and 4 years in the Times Top 100 SMEs and achieved Investor in People Silver & Gold. He is a non- executive at a number of businesses and a Mentor at a growth fund advising early-stage technology businesses in the social, health and environmental sectors. He is also a published author with Oxford University Press. He currently leads Get Lucidity which is a software platform used by organizations to build and execute their strategy more effectively.


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