Strategy Bites – Strategies to soothe overwhelm

Challenge: Feeling overwhelmed and unfocused Cause: There are several potential causes for this including: Not being able to see how you will get through your current situation You are trying to do more than you are able to on your own Lack of focus on what’s most important Inability to complete existing tasks before new […]

So far in 2020…

Like many people globally, everything in my life has changed in 2020. There is a card on my desk that says “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Apparently we can credit Nelson Mandela with those knowing words. So many times I’ve read that this year, knowing that if I just kept moving forward one […]

Is Your Margin Making You Any Money?

is your margin making you money

Experienced business people will know the answer to this, but it’s still worth doing a check every 3-6 months to make sure your profitability is still on track and that nothing has changed. Less experienced entrepreneurs may not be tracking pricing and margins, and wonder why they aren’t making as much as they thought or […]

A Summary of ‘The 5 Temptations of a CEO’ by Patrick Lencioni

This book was first published in 1998 and republished a decade later. It is still relevant two decades later. Designed to be read in one sitting, in a few short pages it provides five illuminating insights into traps that CEOs can, and do, fall into and the subsequent impact on the businesses they run. If […]

When New Clients are Slow to Sign….

We all know how exciting it is when you start talking to a prospective new client and you decide that they’re going to be a BIG client bringing your business all sorts of new opportunities and sales revenue. But things start to slow down after several meetings, and then each meeting rolls into the last […]

Does your business enable you or tether you?

Does your business enable you or tether you

I wholeheartedly believe, and advocate passionately to anyone willing to listen, that your business must be a creation of your doing that will enable you to have the lifestyle you truly want. It is essential to create a business you enjoy, but more importantly, build a business that actually encompasses life goals and passions as […]

Breathe New Life Into Your Business & Yourself

“If a founding entrepreneur is 55 years of age or more, a new business has a 73% better chance of succeeding” (taken from Jack Canfield, ‘The Success Principles’). The rationale behind this is apparently that when you’ve been in business for that length of time, either working for someone else or as a serial entrepreneur, […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Slump

3 Ways Protect Your Business from a Slump - Jenny Stilwell

I know, you’re doing a million things and don’t have time to do a full analysis of your business, market and world economic climate right now. But you do need to at some point. These 3 strategies are a quick way to minimise risk and safeguard your business should the worst happen. 1: KNOW YOUR […]