Is your thinking bigger than this?

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Is your thinking bigger than this?

Some years ago I asked a prospective new client what she wanted to achieve in her business and what vision did she have for the future.

She said that she wanted two more clients a month to cover her costs.

‘OK’, I said, ‘let’s assume we can achieve that in the short term; what would you like to do with your business beyond that?’

‘Well, I could probably handle another two clients beyond that.’


Limiting Frameworks

What’s wrong with this story is the limiting framework this person placed around her thinking, her business and her life. She was only thinking about and focusing on getting by and making ends meet. She had no focus on growth, fulfillment, enjoyment or expansion. She had obviously never enjoyed thinking about the possibility of what she could do.

What framework are you using for your thinking? How big is your thinking?

Whether in business or in life, we will only grow and live an expansive life if we expand the framework of our thinking.

Is your thinking in the detail of your business day to day, or do you ‘plug in’ to a bigger vision that inspires and motivates you?

Have you ever smiled ruefully when someone suggests a big vision and say things like ‘that’d be nice’ or ‘one day maybe’ or ‘in your dreams’?

Your beliefs determine the scale of your thinking
What do you believe when you’re thinking these things? What’s the underlying belief? That it will never happen; that it won’t happen for you; that the vision is ‘too big’?

If so, then ask yourself what are the beliefs underpinning your response and your thinking. Limiting beliefs like ‘it’s OK for some people but not for me’ are not expansive and will put very limiting boundaries around you and your life and your thinking. Many of our limiting beliefs are taken on by osmosis – we hear our parents say it and other people around us and very early on, we adopt the same beliefs that box us in and keep us small.


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

1. Write down 2 or 3 of your big dreams. When I say big, I mean really big. If you could do anything you want or create anything at all with your life and your business, what would it be?

2. Now, address each one and tell yourself what your beliefs are around each dream. If you realise that your beliefs are limiting, or that they’ll always hold you back from your dream, then write them down. See them for what they are, and create new beliefs to remind yourself of every day.

3. Take action now. Take one action that relates to one of your big goals or dreams. Is that action to do some research, or to talk to some specific people, or to change something? Take a step toward something bigger in your life and know that it’s possible.

Expanding your framework for thinking on a much bigger level is like exercising a muscle. Keep exercising those bigger thoughts and watch your life and business expand.

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