Is it time to refresh your marketing strategy?

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Is it time to refresh your marketing strategy?

In order to make this an easy read, I’ve given 7 points to consider in response to the question: Is it time to refresh your marketing strategy?

1. Do you have a content marketing strategy?
We need to remember the key point of content marketing is to take your readers through the process of AIDA:Attract – create a presence within our target market (being the key) and build awareness as a resource that adds value to that market segment. Attract your target market.Interest – create interest that brings in your target market and converts them into leads by having them take action.Desire – give more value to differentiate your brand/offering and have your leads increase their emotional investment in your content and potential value.

Action – Give more information to help your leads make a decision, take action and buy from you. What information do they need to take this action and convert to being a client or customer?

Some of the content to take readers through this process could include presentations, articles, checklists, worksheets, webinars, ebooks, testimonials, financial justification and returns on investment, social proof, trials, free advice, money back guarantees and customised content.

2. Social Media is a delivery channel.
Social media is like print was a million years ago. It isn’t your strategy in and of itself but a delivery method for some of your content strategy. It is important but not an end in itself. So given that, is your content being delivered to the right target market? Yes, social media is more of a generic blast than a targeted one, but if you use the most appropriate platforms your delivery will be more specific. Think about the platforms you use to deliver your content.

3. Do you have a contact and networking strategy?
What I’m talking about here is strategic networking. Who are the referrers in your network? Who are the connectors? Do your key people in your network know what you can do and who you do it for? Are there people you want to get to that your own network can provide introductions for? Don’t waste time going to generic ‘networking’ events, when you can make real and specific connections from your own network of personal and business contacts.

4. Is your offer clear?
Too many choices can give clients decision paralysis which means zero sale. Can your prospects self-select from your offerings? My mantra, which I’ve shared before, is that your offer needs to be ‘easy to sell, easy to buy, easy to use’. Do not over-complicate and do not give too many choices – a confused mind will not make a decision and will not purchase.

5. Are you sure about your target market?
Has this changed at all? Can you create a list of all the key characteristics of your ideal clients and what drives them? Could you give them a name? Could you create an avatar of what they look like so you can talk to them when you create content? Is your target market in 2021 the same as it has been in previous years?

6. Are your marketing assets valuable and fresh?
Do you have fresh content, a clear website, a clear value proposition, quality marketing collateral both digital and print (if you have any), clear and updated social media platforms, up to date brand representation at all points of presence? Is it time to take an audit of your marketing assets and update them for 2021?

7. Do you have a plan?
The sort of plan I’m talking about is one that has very clear objectives about what outcomes you want for your business. Importantly it must also give you a roadmap to follow every month, every week and every day. You must be able to communicate this clearly to your team, both virtual, actual and remote. Everyone must know the role they play and what has to be achieved.And once the plan is in action, you need to track it. Do you have a dashboard in place? Even if your tracking is on a spreadsheet at the very least so everyone can share progress, it will create momentum.

A final word: what gets measured, gets done.

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