Business Books of the Moment!

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I love working with clients who like and value reading – then I can recommend some business books I’ve really enjoyed and know they’ll get great snippets of value from them.

Since I’m writing another book, I’ve been reading loads of books – some new and some old faves – as research into style, structure and what business people want to read.

Here’s a snapshot of my book list for the last couple of weeks. Some are classics and some new ones are by fellow entrepreneurs – Daniel Priestley and A Key Person of Influence, Renée Hasseldine and Think RAPT, Matt Church and The Thought Leaders Practice, Allan Dib and the 1-Page Marketing Plan, Gavin Preston and Survive and Thrive, Mark Berridge and A Fraction Stronger and Alison Jones with This Book Means Business.

Kindle books ‘of the moment’ include authors: Susan Payton and The Business of Stories, Get a Grip on Your Business book summary (I cheated here) and another by Daniel Priestley 24 Assets.

I highly recommend all of them to any book-loving entrepreneurs!

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