Making the Shift from 2M to 10M in Turnover

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Chad Stephens the other day, co-founder of startups Fillr and We talked about the shift in thinking to grow a company from 7 figures to 8.

When most companies reach 1M in turnover, in most cases the next goal is to hit 2M. Once there, the goal becomes 10M or 20M. You have to stretch your thinking to go from 1M to 2M, but then stretch it to think bigger again to go for 8 figures.

Your people will become more expensive as you build more structure in the company, profits reduce as a result of the added overheads, and more specialist support is required for disciplines like HR.

Technology becomes much more important as a core part of a business as it upscales.

There are a number of shifts that need to happen to traverse the growth path to reach 10M+ – at an operational level, a strategic level, and certainly a shift of how the owner thinks about the business, growth and the future.

The Shift Business Growth Framework takes business owners through a 7-stage framework to help prepare their business for significant growth. Strong foundations for the business structure and people, a culture that enables everyone to contribute and do what they are in the business to do, while enabling the CEO to focus on building value; and a strategic focus to enable growth to be manageable and achievable.

This big shift from 7 to 8 figures is exciting and challenging. The Shift Business Growth Framework makes it happen!

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